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Five Ramadan Iftar Meals Around the World



Damascus, Syria Bizerte Tunisia Yujia Karta Indonesia California United States Mumbai India It is one of the early morning in May It is also the holy month of Ramadan for 16 billion Muslims around the world

Known as fasting 30 days from sunrise to sunset, Family members meet at evening time together, A special meal for fasting is breakfast We followed five women In five countries Where they are preparing for this evening Mumbai India Today begins at 10 am My name is Roxaba I live in Mumbai, India

Today we are preparing a dish of bakra (fried and fried vegetables) for the Ramadan breakfast, Bagia (similar dish), Tandoori Chicken, With potato hummus California United States I live in Pleasanton, California I will prepare a traditional Bengali breakfast Our bot, a chickpea bean, We also have hot pancakes, which are pastries stuffed with meat In addition, I prepare some shrimp curry because the boys like to eat it with bread Cooking is not difficult

When I think about it, I actually cook more in Ramadan for some reason, Maybe because I do not eat and because I am very excited about breakfast I would like to cook lots of different dishes for my family to eat together This enthusiasm is often repeated From one kitchen to another And from family to family Yujia Karta Indonesia The most I prefer in Ramadan is cooking every day

The food I cook is special food, from my childhood In Ramadan each year, the chicken is brought in the open air Despite its high price, I buy this kind of chicken for its good taste and to eat it when we meet with the grandchildren Damascus, Syria But the feeling seems somewhat different in Syria This feeling has existed for a long time, but not today

Joe Ramadan no longer exists as before This was before the Syrian war, but today, no one is left Most families are scattered today, the intimate feeling of Ramadan no longer exists Many departed and migrated, and others died This collective feeling no longer exists today

The atmosphere is no longer as it used to be Generally speaking, there is a sense of cooperation between women in the kitchen Their passion for cutting and cooking can be seen in their field All of them are familiar with the work Mumbai India I learned to prepare most of these dishes from my mother

We estimate the quantities by guessing Usually it works perfectly Not as sons these days, Who cook with a cup of tea or a spoonful of food Bizerte Tunisia My mother, may God have mercy on her, is the one who taught me She was an excellent cook

We can see what is lacking in some dishes through the smell, especially if it lacks salt For example, when I put the soup on the fire today, I told my daughter that it would be good She asked me, "How do you know that?" I told her: "You'll see" Damascus, Syria For me I never tasted food while cooking, whether I was fasting or not Thankfully, the ingredients are always accurate

I can know the quantities theoretically without using measurement tools I do this depending on my experience California United States I learned to cook these dishes from my mother, my mother-in-law, my husband's sister, Each of them has her own characteristics to choose from My husband's sister is proficient in short cooking methods My mother-in-law has many traditional recipes

As for my mother, she has the recipes she used to prepare for my growing up So, I like to choose from them all Bizerte Tunisia Over time, symptoms of fasting begin to appear Stay in the kitchen for two or three hours in hot weather, Is very tired Mumbai India We wait, it does not matter whether the weather is hot or how difficult it is We do not drink water even when we feel thirsty Every woman stands in the kitchen and cooks, It is very harsh and difficult

But God gives us strength in the meantime Let us be patient Approaching the time of sunset, and approached with the time of the adhaan to pray, The settings start for breakfast Realdan, I want you to put a white color on each tray Ramadan is not only about fasting, but about cleansing yourself So these 30 days make you think and review yourself

Because each of us does it with his family or with his large family, Be a way to promote it and think about how to be a better person After that, everything stops Throughout the world, the voice of the adhaan is echoed in Morocco, Serving as a declaration of the fourth prayer of the day With dates and water, everyone is ready for breakfast Yujia Karta Indonesia What I find in the month of Ramadan is the gathering – the gathering in the mosque

Cohesion with our society Especially for the elderly like me, Ramadan feels reassuring and makes us closer to God Mumbai India Although all the days of the year are good, Ramadan, however, creates his presence by air It inspires spirituality wherever you go The joy fills the atmosphere Damascus, Syria When you love someone and care about it, you share your food

Ramadan is a truly special month, The entire Muslim community is part of it It's important to know that we all have breakfast together regardless of where we are We may be slightly apart in timing But one of the few days we all meet on the table and eat together, Which is indeed intimate

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