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Hi friends! Today I've brought for you TV Ad V / S Reality Food We want to check out if the things shown in the ads actually turn out to be the same

The ads are so tempting that we feel like breaking the TV and eating up the food items shown So, we order those food items In the ads the food looks attractive but the actual one looks completely different Cheating! You always cheat We're going to show you the reality in this video today

My favorite part is going to come up now Oh no! The advertisement has started It has spoilt my mood It has actually made me feel better I was feeling very hungry

This burger looks so delicious I feel like eating it right now Let's order it I can't control myself anymore Yes, let's order

A pizza no a burger for me A burger I'll order French fries

The French fries look like a delicious combo with the burger Let's order a pizza also along with the burger The French fries look so crunchy and big One French fries One burger and

That's a delicious cheese burst pizza Pizza! Okay I'll order it Let's order all three items

Guys, until our order is delivered you've to do something You've to like our video Yes! Do subscribe to mom's channel Share this video with your friends So that they find out how does the food in the ads actually look

Don't forget to drop in your comments Who ordered the burger? Here it is I ordered it Wow This is not the one I ordered

You've brought the wrong food item I ordered the big burger Only the bun can be seen The cheese seems to be hiding inside This is what actually happens

This is what happens in reality You don't get the items as shown in the photos This is what you actually get You get a burger like this

Right? Don't forget to drop in your comments I'll show you what they do to advertise a product I'll show you how they make a burger for the ad When we order a burger this is what we actually get Do comment and share with us if you've got a burger like this

We get a very small and thin burger But, they appear big and cheesy in the ad You can see the potato patty along with cheese bulging out of the burger But, in reality you can see only the bun and nothing else We'll show you how they actually make it

I've taken a burger bun – This is the bun I'll place the patty on it Place it on the edges so that it stick out The back portion is not going to be visible, so they deck up the front portion

When we eat what do we see? We can see the back portion because we bite in the first part We'll place the cheese on it like this Mom, they place a toothpick on it Yes, they place a toothpick on it followed by onions I've placed the tomato

I've placed a lettuce leaf They put a toothpick on the burger bun too so that it seems tall And then Our huge king size burger is ready

This is what you see in the ad Ad v / s Reality Guys, we've been deceived We've proved it to you We're fooled like this

But why do they do this? How do the advertisers get the idea to showcase a burger which is actually this small to project it so big? That's because you'll buy it only when it looks good This looks so tempting Ayu, tell me something Which one would you like to eat? This or this? Which one will you have? This one The topping of this one was better but we choose this one because this looks better

You ordered it only after seeing how it looks – Yes But, what did you actually get? This one If the same has happened with you then do comment and tell us You get something that's totally different from what you ordered

The truth is before you Do comment and tell us which one looks better They look so good and delicious in the ad but what happens when we order them – They look soggy We'll show you both

We'll show you the reality and how the ad is made Guys, we've ordered French fries Don't worry You must be wondering that the packet is empty but look here There are fries inside

You must've noticed the difference between the one shown in the ad with the ones we've received We had an extra packet of French fries with us We ordered an extra packet We'll try to show you how the ad makers make it look for the commercial Let's see how they're arranged

I've taken a sponge and placed toothpicks on it We'll arrange the French fries on it Friends, I've arranged them Doesn't it look like the one in the ad? And here's the actual one They're down and out

This looks so tempting that I feel like eating them right away But, this does not look appetizing None of the fries are even sticking out They don't look anything close to the one in the ad You've exposed the truth, mom

I hope you'll stop eating French fries from today – No! People fool us a lot This is what is shown in the ad But when we order this is what we actually get What are we going to try out next? – Pizza! My favorite

– My favorite too How does the pizza look in the ad? It doesn't seem that it'll break He's stretching it endlessly In the ads they show how the pizza cheese gets endlessly stretched But, I never got one like that

You've seen the video of the ad, but we'll show you the real one We'll see the real one Our order has been delivered Anushka, here's your pizza You've been staring at the photo for so long

It's my pizza! – Is it yours? No, it's mine Both of you can eat it You've been drooling over the photos of the cheese burst pizza Eat it and see how it tastes Let's check out how much cheese bursts out of the pizza

This is the reality This is what we see in the ad This one should cheese burst None of them have cheese bursting out, guys They call it cheese burst pizza from which cheese comes out when stretched

There's a fat layer of cheese inside There's cheese inside but, not as much as they show in the ads This does not look tempting like the one in the ad but I can assure that it's tasty The ad-makers fool us In the ads the cheese just bursts

This one has cheese in it, but it's not bursting out Yes Friends, did you watch it? How was the video? We've tried to show you the difference between the food items in the ads and in reality We did not waste any food Whatever we got has been finished off by us

So you don't worry about that Guys, if you want to watch a part two then do mention in the comments Don't forget to generously like the video Share it with everybody And subscribe to my channel

Guys, don't forget to subscribe to our new horror channel We share horror videos on our new channel Find the link in the description box below The name of the channel is Ayu and Ayu – Twin Sisters No! Ayu and Anu Horror Stories It's become a habit to use the term 'twin sisters' We must get used to the term 'horror stories' and so should you You all love our horror videos

We've shared interesting videos Do watch it We'll be back with a new video Till then bye – Bye!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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