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FOOD WASTE Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On Ep.14



(energetic music) – We are Sorted, a group of mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way (laughing) We've got chefs, we've got normals (beep) and a whole world of stuff for you to explore that everything we do starts with you

(upbeat music) – Hello, it's fridge cam time, this is Jamie, and I'm Ben – And today we're doing another Pass It On where thanks to your theme, I think we've bitten off more than we can chew, which kind of goes against the theme when you think about it – Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol – This should be really obvious! – Play it cool Bazzer, play it cool – What a disaster

– I don't want to sound like a broken record but, what are we making? (serious music) – Let's all get pumped for this, we can do this, come on, you ready? We're going to sing a little song ♪ Janice, Janice, Janice, ♪ ♪ Janice, what's our theme? ♪ ♪ Janice, Janice, Janice, ♪ ♪ Your hair looks nice and clean ♪ (laughing) – [Janice] Thanks Jamie, it's the argan oil Today's theme is food waste You must cook a dish using as many tips and tricks to reduce food waste as possible – So we have to use all of this

(laughing) ♪ Isn't she lovely ♪ ♪ Janice tell us which order to cook in ♪ – [Janice] The order, as suggested by our community, is entirely up to you – Oh, back to the old days – Yeah – Hey! – Inadvertently decided to go this order – Oh, great

– Yeah – [Janice] And now reverse it – Oh you (bleep) (laughing) No! (laughing) – [Janice] One at a time the boys have 10 minutes to cook and add to a final dish, the remaining team will have no idea what's happening behind them until it is their turn – Okay so, zero waste I'm going to make something that I've made at home before when literally I've got nothing left, and I want to get rid of all my fresh fruit that's left over

Wait a minute Do I have to use all these biscuits? (intense metal music) But I don't know what I'm going to do with those For zero waste what do the little tops of the strawberries (intense metal music) And I can't use the stalk or the pit Got the blackberries

I am going to grate (clapping hands) Where's our grater? Where's our grater? Zest over some grapefruit, I want to (bleep) Two minutes Take the stone out What are we gonna do with that stuff? Kay, now just rough chop this up Kay with that we lightly mashed, I'm gonna start plonking that on top on my lady fingers I want some yogurt

I've got some demerara sugar I'm gonna sprinkle over I've got some mint I've chopped up (loud honking) I've done my best It's a good start I'll give myself a seven, a seven

Seven It's your turn (loud honking) – This looks good What does he want me to do? What does he want me to do? Do we now have to use this? That's demarara as well, that's gonna be hard He's got some mint, so he's thought about his garnish

I'm liking the idea What shall we do, what shall we do, what shall we do? Okay, what about like, a nice kind of crumbly mix I'll try and use this sugar, I don't know if it will work I might absolutely mess it up I'd like to use this

Oh, maybe we could like fry it off in sugar I wonder if there's some amaretto around Is there any amaretto around? I can't ask you, can I? – [Janice] James and I still aren't talking after what he did – What is there that I don't have to search too hard for? This is almond liqueur I'm gonna put that in the oven

Why not? (upbeat synthesized music) This could go horribly wrong (pan sizzling) Or it could go right He's used the zest, and I want to use the whole thing And then I want to start a crumble mix that maybe someone else can finish, so I'm gonna grab some nuts from the dry store, some flour Who's next? Ah, it's Jamie I wanted Ben to be next

I'm just gonna like, eyeball some flour That much, who knows? Grab some butter Three minutes Okay I'm gonna mix the butter into the crumb

I like Barry's thought process I like that he's gone sweet, cause we don't often go sweet I am winging the (bleep) out of this It's not often that I'm running out of time Oh no, no, no, no, no! I'm not ready yet! I'm not ready

(groaning) All right I'm putting nuts in here, that's the crumble mix The nuts go into the crumble mix The crumble mix I want to bake off on it's own I don't want to bake it over the fruit because I don't think, I think the crumble will get soggy, so I'm kind of thinking like plate up the fruit on a plate, plate the crumble mix over it That goes next to it, so it's not like a big family platter, it's like a dainty plate

(loud honking) Yay! Well I've moved something on I think I did okay (clapping hands) But I did throw the skin of the grapefruit away, which maybe I could have used, like I could have candied it or something So I'll give myself, I'll take one off, and I was gonna give myself seven, and I'll give myself six If it were anyone else, I'd be confident

(laughing) – What have we got going on? In here we have what looks like it's going to be a pastry? Oh man, what is that? Don't know what that is I don't know where we're going with this There's a pastry Roll that out and put that into (bleep) (bleep bleep bleep) (bleep) I don't want to (bleep) I don't want to use any more ingredients I don't want to get any more ingredients, cause if I get them, I have to use them, and it feels like there's already too much going on anyway I just don't know what this, this wouldn't have been left here (blender grinding) I could do something with the pastry, I just don't know if it's going to cook in time

Um, where do we find pastry cases in that (clanking of metal) Ah! (jazzy piano music) That's a pastry It's gonna be wrong, and it's gonna be terrible, and I'm gonna get the blame

(jazzy brass instruments) I can hear you laughing (laughing) (jazzy brass music) What? (sighs) (laughing) No, I don't know what this is supposed to be I am actually going to cry If I leave that there, Mike will know what to do with that, won't he? I don't understand what's going on and I'm going to get shouted at Give up

(jazzy music) (playful horns) I've finished mate, do you wanna, go on (loud honking) – Okay! Is this a blood orange? Do we know what orange this is? – [Janice] It's the grapefruit variety – Oh no! What is that? – [Janice] That is what we'll be referencing to from now on as a "Jamie" – What is that for? I thought this was a crumble, and that's gonna go on top of that But where does that go, and what is that? This isn't a crumble is it? It's really nutty

I don't really know what to do This is supposed to be a crumble, and maybe this just gets crumbled over the top, and then we bake it Oh, I really don't know I'm really out of my depth, I don't know what to do here I have to use it, am I going, I'm gonna do it

(laughing) Am I just gonna do it? I'm gonna do it! What do I do? I'm gonna take, oh no! That needs to be, what the hell is that? That's got no sugar in it This should be really obvious! Who made that? I'm trusting whoever made this, so here it goes Oh, cause of this food waste thing So I think I knew what this was supposed to be (jazzy music) That's going right up, because that needs to do something quick

In the meantime, I'm gonna make a honey cream Honey's getting stirred through the yogurt Wow, I mean, what now? What can I do for Ben? Oh, almond liqueur Has this been put here for a reason? Has anyone used this? Screw it I don't feel like I've done much

I do feel like if that cooks properly, we could have a chance of succeeding here We are really depending on Ebbers being able to bring this together into something I'm gonna give myself a five, and I think that's a bit generous (jazzy music) (yelling) It's your go (loud honking) (laughs) Pirates, right! Crumble? But it's also got biscuits in it, and the oven's gone up to max which means people have panicked

The thing with minimal waste is that you can't always put everything onto plate There will be things you just cannot use I'm guessing that's peach stones You can roast them off and over time you can then take the middle bit out once it's been roasted and turn it into like, a cream that's quite nice But you're just not gonna have time in 50 minutes

Cherry pits Sometimes it's quite nice because they've still got a little bit of cherry on them, just to marble some cream, so what I'm gonna do is just, if you've got a whole punnet in season, save them and put them in a little bit of cream; you can make something I think today those six in this instance, we're not gonna get much out of Let's take this and just toast them off, cause I, I'm guessing that's the crumble mix What is this sugar? Why's that gone

(intense rock music) (scraping) The nuts aren't very sweet Need to toast off those nuts This is gonna be adventurous

Little bit of cream Sweetened honey Not even in use, but I read about this the other day, so I'm gonna try and do it Coffee grounds, we drink a lot of coffee Booze, oils, they're often your savior in things like this, cause you can infuse the flavors of leftover pits and stones and peel and stuff

If we had more cherry stones and or if they were put into that yogurt whenever the cherries were actually de-stoned we'd have a little bit more, but as it is, we see a little bit of color there These look great, they're well stewed Now this had been toasted, we've got that kind of toasted nut going on ♪ Going to be ambitious ♪ Crumble, fingers crossed, it looks like it's got some color Oh there's biscuit

(intense rock music) Some of those cherries, some of those strawberries, and a coffee cream But for my performance, possibly my worst yet Six and a half – Oh, what's gonna go? – Please, please, please, please, please, please I've got so much hope for this

– Okay, I'm ready when you are guys – Three, two, one (camera clicks) (soft laughter) – What is it? – It's kind of what I imagined – I feel like you're not happy with it – I think that some lovely ideas happening here, in terms of food wastage, and minimizing them

I'm not sure they're that easy to pull off in 50 minutes – Looks nothing like what I started – I think it's gonna taste better than it looks this time – I don't know about that – So, we have a cherry stone yogurt, with caramelized citrus, and toasted nut crunch, and here we have stodgy fruit crumble with fresh fruits, and a coffee ground cream

– I was really confident, I'm now questioning if the good or not – A crumble would go really nicely with it A crumble that was baked separately to the fruit, so I put the fruit in the oven so that we wouldn't put the crumble on the fruit – Oh (bleep) – So, I– (group laughing) I thought we could bake– – Wait, wait, wait, there's more (bleep) to come before you (bleep) – If you just bake the crumble off on a tray and then you– – It's more of a garnish – It's the garnish, yes

– I can just feel him shifting nervously next to me – When I came into the kitchen there was like, ready to go pastry, so I thought I'll try and roll it out (laughing) – Okay – Great Cheers

– Oh, that definitely has the taste of what raw flour tastes like – Yeah, that's, it's not sweetened enough for a crumble – No – In fact you've got a bit of caramel on the nuts I actually quite like that

– Oh I like that That is weird, but nice The toasted nuts really balances off the grapefruit in the end, doesn't it? That is disgusting (laughing) – I think this is representative of why there is so much food waste, is most people don't know what to do with the other bits, – Yeah – And okay we had the pressure of time, and communication issues and stuff, but we genuinely didn't know what to do with the other bits

– I feel like it was my fault – Well it looks that way doesn't it – No, it was my fault wasn't it? – I take a lot of the blame – Well go on then, Barry, what did you rate yourself? – I gave myself a seven – Kay

– James, what did you give yourself, mate? – Gave myself a six – Kay – I ran out of the kitchen before I could give myself a score, so – So you've got two back to back 0's mate? – No, no, no, cause I actually contributed this time Not much, but some

– But you didn't give yourself a number – You blitzed the nuts, and put the oven up to one? Have you given yourself a point for each of those things? (laughing) – Uh, yes Two – Well, hold that thought because I've given myself a five for ruining the whole thing (laughing) – I think I gave myself one of the lowest I've ever done, which was six and a half

– Yeah, I think we passed on the idea, failed on the execution – I really think that was a pass, but obviously that counteracts it, so it's overall a fail – Not gonna lie, don't like Janice in that one But of a curve ball with the change in the order, but it was one of your suggestions, so keep them coming in Which order should we play the game in, and what themes and topics should we be covering

Comment down below – And if you love seeing us fail, well we've put all of the parcel of videos into a playlist you can get the link for that down here – We do pass occasionally, but you do have to watch them all to see which one or two that was (laughing) ♪ Dad joke of the week ♪ ♪ Dad joke of the week ♪ ♪ Have to remind myself which one I want to do ♪ – I thought as a dad they're just supposed to roll off the tongue? – Yeah, okay Made a bit of a booboo last night

– Uh oh – I accidentally drank some food coloring I'll tell you what, I'm "dyeing" inside today (laughing) – One of your better ones! – [Ben] As we've mentioned we don't just make top quality YouTube videos (LOL) – We've built the Sorted Club where we use the best things we've learned to create stuff that's hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers

Check it out if you're interested Thank you for watching, and we'll see you in a few days (beep) – I looked at what was in the oven, and I thought "that looks like a crumble "without a crumbly top, "and over there is a mound" (laughing)

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