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Forêt Noire – Recette par Chef Sylvain



How to make a Black Forest gateau with Chef Sylvain Morello cherries have to be stoned! For the setting of the Black Forest, I use a cardboard disc slightly bigger than the Genoise Start by drying the cherries and save the juice to soak the Genoise Make chocolate shavings by grating a chocolate bar with a peeler, then put them in the refrigerator to be cold and ready for the use First you have to put the whisk, the tank and the cream in the refrigerator

Then, to obtain a Chantilly cream, start whisking the cream at average speed, and thereafter increase the speed When the Chantilly cream is almost finished, add some sugar progressively Stop whisking when the cream is stiff Cut the Genoise with a big knife in three equal parts Put your first Genoise disc on the cardboard and soak it with the cherries syrup and a paint brush

Spread 1 cm thick layer of cream and place the cherries all over it Put your second Genoise disc, press gently with your hand then soak the Genoise just like the first time Spread a new layer of cream, place again cherries over it and to finish, put the last Genoise disc, previously soaked Cover entirely the cake with some Chantilly cream, starting with the top, then the sides Cover the sides of the cake with the chocolate shavings

For finishing, you can do whatever you want on the top of the cake, but here is a example made with a pastry bag fitted with "Saint-Honoré" tip Please give a thumb's up if you liked itDon't forget to share this video on the social networks and to subscribe in order to not miss a single video

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