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Four 'Meaty' vegan recipes you have to try!



Hi everyone so today I'm going to show you some of my favourite plant-based meaty recipes So these are all about sort of recreating some of the flavours and textures of meat but of course it's all plant-based and it's all absolutely delicious

Don't forget to subscribe are we're going to be putting out more plant-based recipe ideas we're going to do some nutrition content as well as some of the stuff that we're already doing Keep in touch and hit subscribe and also like this video if you want to see more stuff like this and also let us know in the comments below any future stuff you'd like to see any recipes you think we should try out totally open to your suggestions so let us know First up we have mushroom kebabs so these are amazing and you cook the mushrooms on a skewer so we stack them all up and then we can we roast them all we marinate them and then we can sort of slice them off the same way that you would with the meat that people put in kebabs but of course these are mushrooms and they're really delicious First we're going to prepare the marinade for the mushrooms so this is a really kind of rich sort of tomatoey spicy marinade What you're going yo do is it mix this up really get as much of the marinade onto the mushrooms as you can

So don't be afraid to use your hands I'm going to put the mushrooms in the fridge then we're gonna leave them in there for about an hour just to let the marinade soak up the flavours And then when we take them out (this is the fun part) we're going to quarter one red onion, peel apart the layers, and then we're going to thread one mushroom with one piece of onion I mean, you can kind of do whatever you want really you just want to pack them in nice and tight so that when they cook that all the juices from the mushrooms really sort of blend together and create a really lovely texture So once you're done threading these on we pop them in oven, we wait until they're sort of starting to brown up a bit when we take them out and we sort of squeeze the mushrooms together a bit more that's going to be quite a lot of juice so we want to roll our skewers around a bit in that juice and then sort of pack them in nice and tight and pop them back in the oven

When we take them out the mushrooms are going to be lovely and crispy on the edges but nice and juicy and closer to the center so those textures and flavors are gonna be really amazing If you see if I just hold the skewer up vertically from the top and just slice it down I'm just using a bread knife that works quite well the serrated edge and just slowly slice thin chunks of the mushrooms off and this is what you're going to be using as your 'meaty' filling Today I'm going to be using some pitta pockets you can use wholemeal wraps or just wraps if you want, but I prefer the pitted pockets and all I do is I just chuck them in the toaster on the lowest level and then I'm just going to serve it with some hummus and some fresh mint some cucumbers and some tomato and then I'm just gonna put the mushrooms in wrap it all up and enjoy One of my favourite things about this recipe is it's not just about the flavours and the textures but it's also the fun of the way it's prepared and the way you get to slice the mushrooms off the skewer yes so it's just a really fun meal to make so give it a go! Next we have 'buttermilk' fried seitan so this is again completely plant-based I'm using seitan today just because it's got a really interesting kind of meaty texture but if you prefer tofu that works well as well and we put that all in the recipe (some other ideas) but anyway we'll get on with making our seitan

So the most important thing I find would seitan is what seasonings you put in the dough but importantly the broth So for our dough today we're just keeping it pretty simple and this is pretty standard (these ingredients) for making seitan Some people think of it as like you're making a chicken substitute or beef substitute but I honestly find that I try not to think about it that way and I just think about you know what flavours are going to work well with the dish that I'm making the thing is with seitan is that we're gonna have to knead it a lot If we don't what we can end up with is kind of a really spongy texture but what we want is quite a dense meaty texture

So I knead my dough for about ten minutes I usually put something on to watch or listen to while I do that It can be kind of fun to do whatever you need to do to get that dough really well kneaded So once we've done that break the dough up into small pieces like almost like nuggets I guess, and you can make these pieces as small or as large as you need just keep in mind that if you are making larger pieces you will need to put these in the broth for a bit longer than what we're doing today I'm going to roll these up and then set them aside The broth we cook our seitan dough in is really important because it's what gives the flavor to the dough when it cooks

This broth is pretty simple so this is just veggie stock soy sauce some herbs and some onion We leave the pieces of dough in the broth at a simmer for about 45 minutes We'll know the pieces are ready to come out when they've almost doubled in size compared to what they were when you put them into what we need to do when we take these out is just leave them to rest for about 10 minutes so that some of the liquid can evaporate and they won't be too spongy or moist when we put the coatings on them So we can repair both of our coatings This is basically just the wet coating that's going go on underneath the herbs and spices coating

Today I'm going to just be mashing up some silken tofu, so this is really almost jelly-like tofu which can work really well as a undercoating for these types of recipes You can also use coconut cream there's a really good buttermilk alternative or some people will even just use soy milk and lemon juice totally up to you today we're going to use silken tofu So mash that all up with a fork and then we've got our herbs and spices coating So these are some I guess you'd say reasonably traditional herbs and spices that we're going to be using just to make the flavor quite familiar to those of you who are trying this out as an alternative and it is really delicious and it's very crispy and satisfying Once we've got all of these covered up we're going to pop them in a frying pan with some sort of a shallow fry with some vegetable oil I prefer to shallow fry these just because the deep fry is going to use a lot of oil and it's totally up to you if you prefer to deep-fry then you can do that

You can also bake these but I do find the shallow fry really gets the edges nice and crispy which is what we want Once the other side of your first batch is kind of really crispy just turn that over and then just leave them you can serve these with whatever you want some people do mashed potato and gravy today I've got some pickled cucumbers I really love these because they're quite acidic and it kind of cuts through some of the the greasiness you can get and I've also got some plant-based mayo there as well which is really delicious I hope you enjoy this, again there's lots of variations on this vegan fried seitan but this is one of the ways that I've learned to do it and I do enjoy it The next recipe is tempeh bacon or smokey tempeh slices

These are a great alternative to bacon There is a whole bunch of plant-based bacon alternatives but this has become one of my favourites just because it's really easy and quick First up we're going to make a marinade it's really simple the most important thing here is the liquid smoke and definitely the soy sauce to give it that kind of salty meaty flavour Liquid smoke (if you don't have it), I would suggest the next best thing is probably smoked paprika We're going to grab a block of tempeh and then we're going to really thinly slice it up it's worth getting them nice and thin because then they're gonna be nice and crispy

So once we've done that we'll pop them all in with our marinade then we'll put those in the fridge for about an hour just to let all those flavours soak in When we take them out we are going to put them on an oven tray All right then we're going to pop them in the oven you won't need to put any oil or anything and can just because we've already got oil in the marinade, and they should crisp up nicely The reason I baked them is because you actually get a nice even crispiness right through the whole strip rather than have you fry, sometimes you can get the crispiness around the edges but not so much in the centre When they're ready, you should be able to pick a piece up and you could pretty much snap it in half so that's kind of the texture that you want if you don't like it that crispy then maybe take them out about five minutes before they're due to come out and they'll have a bit more sort of chewiness to them

You could make tempeh bacon for pretty much anything that you'd like and some people put it on pancakes some people put it in sandwiches or you can even break it up and put it in your favorite pasta So today I'm just going to be making some bagels with some smashed avocado and sliced tomato this is just a really delicious combo but again this is really versatile recipe so try it out in as much as you can! Lastly we have a black-bean meatball spaghetti or 'spaghetti and meatballs' and these black bean meatballs are also really versatile I have made them as burger patties as well so if you just flatten them out and cook them in exactly the same way you can pop them on a burger So first up we're just going to literally throw everything into our bowl I'm going to be using a 'flax egg' today so what that means is it's basically flax seeds and water

You probably want to leave this for a minimum of 15-20 minutes but if you leave this even just sitting around for an hour what happens is it becomes kind of a binding ingredient you can use in place of an egg And then just blend it up so I have an immersion blender and I find these really useful because I can sort of make sure that I maintain some of the texture from the beans and the oats any other kind of blender will do So what we'll do is once we've blended all of that up we just roll them into balls shapes and pop them on a tray You just want to want to grease the tray a little bit just so that they don't stick and then we just pop them in like this Some people do like to fry them and you can totally do that too but I prefer to pop them in the oven just because it makes them quite quite evenly right through to the center and it also crisps up the edges nicely

While these are baking you can pop on any pasta that you'd like to have with it so I'm just using spaghetti and just cook this according to the packet instructions then we're going to get our sauce ready I'm just gonna make a basic marinara sauce so this is just going to be some onions and garlic soy sauce usually they wouldn't be soy sauce actually in marinara sauce but I think with plant-based cooking you can add soy sauce to things to kind of replace some of the meaty flavors you can get if you are cooking with meat this is a really good way to bring those flavours in, in a meal

And then we're also just gonna add in some canned tomatoes and some maple syrup just to bring a little bit of sweetness again you can just use sugar if you prefer And we're just going to stir this all up and just let it simmer while we wait for our black bean balls to finish cooking Once our black bean balls are done we are going to pop them in with the sauce and kind of submerge them a bit in there and they're gonna absorb a bit of the flavours of the sauce which is what we want and just leave them to simmer for a little while Then, we'll plate everything up with some pasta and the sauce with the our black bean balls and serve it with some salad if you'd like I'm just using a bit of fresh mint which can be really good or parsley works well too Give them a go let us know what you think in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe

We're going to be putting out more plant-based recipes for you guys to try out as well as some other stuff that we're up to so yeah hit the subscribe button keep in touch and see you soon!

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New Cookery Recipes
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