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Check the ingredients list above for the recipe In a large shallow dish add eggs whisk for few seconds and add Milk Sugar Salt Cinnamon Powder vanilla extract Whisk until everything combines well Take thick bread slice like this Dip bread into the egg custard Flip to other side and dip again On medium high heat a skillet or a non stick pan Melt 1/2 Tbsp Butter After dipping the bread immediately fry on the pan, so that it wont break Place the bread and fry for a minute until golden on one side Flip to other side fry till golden Once its done take out into a serving platter I like to serve hot French toast with honey ,nuts and with fruits The regular French Toast is served with original maple syrup Hope you like the recipe Please give your valuable suggestion in the comments section below For more recipes search for MORE DELICIOUS RECIPES in you tube Please do SUBSCRIBE ,LIKE AND SHARE


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