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FRENCH TOAST with Tomatoes on top cartoon animation cook show with Bob Pepper



It's a good food time if you like Subscribe Welcome to my BOB PEPPER SHOW Hello everybody my name is BOB PEPPER Today I'm going to show you how you can make delicious French Toast with Tomatoes on the top you will need some simple home ingredients 2 Eggs a pinch of Salt 2 teaspoons of Sugar 100ml of Milk 25 grams of Butter and 3 nice slices of a Bread my Mama always say Good food is made with love and passion so let's get the started we crack and a drop two Eggs in a mixing bowl thanks to my beautiful Chicken for laying these beautiful fresh Eggs i call her Coco because she goes coco when she lays the eggs isn't she beautiful she's just a beautiful Chicken Ok, back to cooking now we add a pinch of Salt with 2 small teaspoons of Sugar we give it a little mix just like this now we add 100ml of a Milk and give it another quick mix now that thats ready lets slice some Tomatoes on a flat plate okay now we preheat a large nonstick frying pan on low heat now we cut 25 grams of a Butter and drop it into the frying pan make sure you don't burn the Butter if the frying pan is to hot for the Butter just lift the frying pan off your stove until the butter melts completely now that the Butter is ready we dip the Bread into the bowl with the Eggs on both sides and put it straight into the frying pan once we place all three Breads we increase the stove heat to just over medium heat now we wait a little for them to cook it shouldn't take too long to cook we check to see if under the Bread is a nice golden color then we flip the Bread upside down and wait for the other side to become a nice golden color okay it's almost ready look at that it's beautiful and golden it's ready beautiful just beautiful what a yummy plate

Thank you for watching my Bob Pepper Show I hope you liked it if you haven't yet – please SUBSCRIBE for more upcoming shows to enjoy more great foods enjoy your French Toast KEEP SMILING and I hope to see you next time goodbye

Source: Youtube

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