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Hi friends,welcome back to Amazing Cooking ,By the way what are we making today Subscribe and hit the notification bell

Amazing Cooking Hi friends,welcome back to Amazing Cooking ,By the way what are we making today Oops! We are making French Fries and i'm going to be showing you my simplest way of making Crispy french fries at homeSo without wasting time let's get into the video and we begin our process But before we go if you're new here please don't forget to subscribe ,like ,comment and share for more simple and amazing cooking recipes and remember to hit that notification bell so that every-time we upload a video you get notified firstAnd to my viewers thank you very much keep those views coming

Please if you want nice French Fries never buy potatoes that are yellow inside always buy white potatoes Alright guys so we are beginning our process So these are the things that you will need 4 potatoes and they're white inside then i will need a chopping board,and then i'm using two knife because one is very sharp So i will be using this one to peel the potatoes,so you will also need so salt like a pinch a big pinch

And then I'm also boiling water so to get the best potatoes French Fries you need to begin with hot water and then you will put them to boil just like for one minute do not over boil them And I'm going to be severing my French Fries with kacumbari I know many are going to ask me what is Kacumbari? Kacumbari is a mixture of chopped tomatoes and chopped onions but if you want it very hot you can add in some chili paste or you can use fresh chili So let's begin peeling the potatoes I forgot to tell you that i will be using 2 cups of vegetable oil you can use any oil you have at home

I'm cutting them in a circle shape because i just want to shape them very well and by doing this you will be able to get the size you want like I love McDonald and KFC so i will be doing they're size These are our fries after cutting them so I'm going to go and wash them the second time and then i will put them to boil Remember our water is hot and so we're going to go ahead and add the potatoes in the ones we have cut the French Fries so I'm going to put it to cook for just 1-2 minutes once it boils like this i will take it off The fries have boiled so what I'm going to do i'm going to remove them

I'm going to drain the water up and them i will be setting them a side to cool downI'm going to spread them here to dry to cool down not to dry a little bit beforeAs we're waiting for them to cool down so I'm going to also begin on the Kacumbari this what you're supposed to do divide you onion in different sides it's OK so we're going to cut remember I'm cutting from the big onion this is enough for the onions and then I'm going to give it another simple chop from the board For the tomatoes do the same but don't remove the skin of the tomato and also don't use tomatoes that are too ripe

Chili paste and then i will add in a pinch of salt I'm going to put it in the refrigerator for just 10 minutesSo we're going to do the frying process like 3 times the first one we're going half fry them we get them out they cool a little bit We add them the second time we get them out then the third time will be the last time so 3 times

Add them to the Oil Since its the first time we're going to be frying them for just one minute If you want to freeze them at this point you can freeze them when they're cool you can just put them in your deep freeze and you freeze them but always to make sure to first half deep fry them before you put them in the deep freezer So now we're going to wait and the cool They've cooled down so now we're going to be frying for the second time

Second round so we're now left with one more to goAlright guys so this is the last frying and I'm going to go ahead and add in our fries you can see how its changing very fast the color it becomes very easy Here i have a pinch of salt but i have added in some water so i have already mixed it I'm going to go ahead and add some do not add too much

This is the best way to add salt to your fries apart from boiling your fries with the salt so this the best way So i just need to see Oops! So these are our French Fries and they are ready so I'm gonna go ahead and grab them out Hmm-mm this is so yummyYou can hear the chips are crunchy Thank you Guys for watching if you found this video interesting don't forget to give it a thumbs up ,Subscribe,like ,comment and share and hit the notification bell so that every-time we upload a video you get notified first

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