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You don’t eat it if it is hard See that? It is old

Oh! I did it, I kinda did it Look at mine… Hey, I think I see a big one I see a big one still! This one? Um… See? Like this one, it is hard, not bendy, right? So this one is too old The old one we don’t eat it any more

Oh~ this one is very old~ And it is dark green And this one is fine This one is still light green and bendy This is a little bit tiny When we wash it, we need to make sure the sand all come out

We need to check it This one is dirty We need to wash it One by one Rinse it

Make sure your get all the dirt come out Today we will cook winged bean stir-frying with beef slices Remove winged bean’s fiber from both sides Slice into about half inch thickness I also add some bamboo shoot, bought from Chinese super market

Also slice into thin pieces Set them aside Ginger is what I must add when cooking protein Mince ginger Add a half tsp sugar to enhance umami

A tsp fava bean sauce paste A little white and black pepper powder You can always add your favorite spices here Give them a good mix This is the mixture we will use during cooking so we don’t need to rush to get them one by one later

Slice the beef into thin pieces Ribeye was on sale this week so I am using it for stir-frying It has very good texture and flavor In boiling water, add in winged bean and bamboo Add some salt so vegetables will maintain the green color

Let it boil for about a minute Winged bean will be cooked but still very crispy Drain the vegetables and set aside Keep the heat at maximum Add about 1 tbsp oil to coat the wok

Add in winged bean and stir-fry This step will remove extra water from the vegetables so later when we cook with beef, our stir-frying will not be soupy Sprinkle a little salt to your taste When bean get stir-fried without extra water, it is very easy to get seasoned Set aside

We are still setting heat at maximum Add the sauce mix in spatulas so it won’t get burn at the hot bottom Add in 3~4 table spoon cooking oil Please be generous with your oil so the meat will not stick to the wok surface during stir-frying Turn over the sauce and sautee gently

I use electric cooktop and have it on at high heat To prevent the sauce burnt, we can tilt the wok off from stove surface to maintain a low to medium heat About 15 second until aroma released Now remove the wok from the heat and set aside Add in the beef

Give it a quick stir and mix with the oil It will make stirring and cooking easier later Now set the wok back to the heating surface Quickly stir and turn over the beef and hold the wok to keep the bottom contacting the to keep the bottom contacting the stove My stove has over 3700 w power and all the heat focus at the bottom of the wok

So the bottom is very hot We should stir and turn over quickly and assist with tossing so the beef will not stick to the wok and get cooked evenly The sizzling sound indicates the heat is high enough for stir-frying In about 2 minutes, when most the beef turn grey, sprinkle a little salt to your taste Add in the vegetables and give them a good mix

And it is done This is a very simple and delicious home-cooked dish Beef is so tender My baby has no problem eating it Winged bean is very crispy with nice fragrance and sweetness

We did enjoy it very much This is the bean paste I have been using It is the best sauce I can find in the market It is call Juancheng brand fava bean sauce paste It is fermented from fava bean

You still can see beans in the paste I bought it from our local Chinese supermarket I usually very finely chop the beans and pack it in a jar This is all for today Welcome to visit our website at asiangarden2table

com to purchase vegetable seed and cookware Thank you very much I will see you next time

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