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Fried Ramen Noodles (Delicious Cooking Recipes)


[UltraVid id=213 ][Music] welcome back to trailer park cookin I’m Jeannie be delicious and today we’re going to be making fried ramen noodles it’s to make this recipe for my kids all the time and they will love it let’s get started so of course the main ingredient is ramen noodles for the matter what flavor garlic onion and of course bacon bacon bacon eggs I bake whites right now I like regular he’s better than egg whites work too soy sauce and some salt and pepper I have a pot that’s already boiling so the first thing you do is you get all your packages open take the doll move move out so from noodles in the boiling water we’re gonna watch them carefully because we don’t want them to get too much cooked I don’t want them to be hard cooked and then when they’re separated and finished we’re gonna rinse them in cold water set up beside why those are starting to cook we’re gonna take our bacon and onion and chop it up you can see use any kind of meat you want but this is my favorite big they’re throw the bacon in this pan right here check these again looks like they’re separating nicely they’re almost ready to take out I’m just barely cooking we want them to separate enough but we don’t want to sock I like when the ramen noodle opens up like really tight and then it opens up and it starts to fall apart that’s what we’re looking for remember I said to rinse it with cold water well that’s what stop the cooking process once I rinse with cold water I set the noodles aside we’ve got our bacon that’s chopped up in there we’re gonna chop up her immunity depending on the size that you like medium-sized we’re going to cook bacon in the onion together so what do I do is I put the nice on top of the garlic cloves I set it on top and then I give it the old switcheroo looking what it does it’s Misha sit right out of its shelves so you don’t have to sit there and try to fill it all out cut up our garlic I don’t mind a big piece of garlic here and there I like garlic I want it bacon and the onions to cook together and then I’m just gonna drain that grease off of it when it’s done so this big pan right here and then throw some olive oil in the pan you know just to dab herself of course you got to be careful when you’re camping because fires can be really hot and that bacon grease doesn’t take much to catch on fire I’m obsessed with fire lately what happened a few shows it go I forget sometimes fiddle if they’re nice and cool and they’re stuck together I’m gonna show some soy sauce over the top of it and you just let the soy sauce sit there and says all until you don’t hear it sizzling anymore and then you just sprinkle a little tiny bit of the seasoning on the top we’re using a little bit of Oriental a little bit of chicken burger and I’m gonna drink the grease to the bottom of this my little trick is you find the edge of the pan put it all up on one side like this and all the grease is going to drain down here but you don’t want to use and then when it’s down there then I just take a napkin and stick it in the bottom of the pan and soak of all the grease let me get some napkins here [Music] it just saves time like that and then you can throw it in the trash just like that I’m gonna scoop up the mixture my little slotted in whatever this is that’s my favorite cooking utensil and I’m sure it’s made for salads but I don’t know it works good for this yummy crispy bacon onion I knew that I think our parsley caramelized then when you add it to this it’s like the simplest meal ever doesn’t take too long the hardest part is actually cooking the onions and the bacon you can see they’re starting to get like this caramelized look on to the ramen noodles that means it’s like ready to be eaten and it’s not pulpy enough for you I might just add a little bit more soy sauce to it again listen for that sizzle leave it where it is certainly cook away and then just make a little hole in the middle of the pan [Music] just like that and then I take a little bit of turn the heat down because eggs don’t like me take a little bit of more oil like we don’t have enough oil in here put it in the center throw a little bit of the egg whites in the middle so instead of fried rice you have fried ramen noodles and then just stir them up and when it looks like they’re almost done cooking start bringing in your ramen noodles like I said my kids love this dish fried ramen noodles since I price here I’m gonna let it cool down just a little bit it’s really hot you got your seasoning packets on the side so if you want to add a little bit more seasoning to it it’s not seasoned enough I wanna get a piece of the bacon a little bit of egg hmm crispy ramen noodles bacon eggs it’s like the best breakfast lunch or dinner mmm I love my ramen noodles fried you can put anything in there you want them to or what you want them to have any kind of meat you like I prefer bacon join us next time for another great recipe bye y’all you

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