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FRIED RICE RECIPE – Best Seafood Fried Rice | Easy Cooking



Our menu today is seafood fried rice First of all we fry prawns using a little of cooking oil

We did not cook this shrimp too long These prawns are cooked in about two to three minutes Then we'll cook squid The squid will remove a lot of water when you cook it We cook this squid for about two minutes

Make sure all the water from the squid is drained perfectly ktak ktak ktak ktak Then place the cooking oil on the pan Fry onion, garlic and carrot together Cut the carrot into small form like this

The onions are sliced finely so that it will easy to dry Fry all these ingredients until it is yellowish Add a little bit white pepper powder Mix all well ktak ktak ktak ktak ktak

This is so fun

Place the onions and carrots on the edge of the pan Again place the cooking oil and sauteed pepper paste We use two to three spoon of pepper paste If you like spicy dishes you can add more pepper paste ktak ktak ktak ktak

Then mix the pepper paste with the onions and carrot ting ting ting ting Mix it well

again and again Add sweet soy sauce to the pan

Add white pepper powder Cook all ingredients together perfectly ting ting ting ting ting ting I like spicy so I added a little white pepper powder again Mix mix mix mix mix mix Then mix the squid into all the dishes yummmyyyyy ~~~~~ Then mix the shrimp and cook until well mixed

We found this stirring quite dry So we added some cooking oil to it What`s next? Place the white rice in the middle of the dish Mix all the ingredients together with white rice This menu makes me remember my childhood

My mother always cooks it for our family We added salty soy sauce into this fried rice Then you can also add some salt The salt you add will make the fried rice more balanced This fried rice has enough flavor

Almost done! YeahIt`s cooked perfectly 🙂 Cannot wait to eat it This is our seafood fried rice This seafood fried rice has squid, shrimp, carrot and onion with complete flavor Do not forget to try this recipe

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