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Fried Rice Recipe||restaurant style Chinese rice recipe in urdu/hindi(english subtitles)



in the name of ALLAH ,the most merciful ,the most kindhello friends! we are making chinese fried rice today

lets note down the ingredients soak 3 cups of white rice in water 1 cup of boneless chicken strips 1 cup julienne cut carrots 1 cup green capsicums julienne 1/2 cup chopped green onions

salt 1 tsp,chinese salt 1 tsp and black pepper 1 tsp add more black pepper powder if you like more spicy 3 to 4 tbsp cooking oil 2tbsp soya sauce 3 tbsp ginger garlic paste 3 tbsp venigar i have used apple cider vinegar,you can use the white one too i have soaked rice 30 minutes before

they are ready to be cooked must soak rice for good resultssoak at least for 30 minutes we need 2 eggs also so lets start the recipe first of all i will boil rice cook it in a simple way

as we prepare white rice at home simply i have added 3 glass water,as per taste salt 1 tbsp of vinegar rice will not be stingy with vinegar flame is high at the momentwhen the water gets dry i will lower the flame cover and leave for 15 minutes on lower flame its done now, dont leave it in the pot otherwise they will become soggy i will dish it out in an open tray

spread and leave it as it is to vanish its steam in another pot i am adding cooking oil add ginger garlic paste stir fry for a while adding chicken add other veggies as chicken turns white add all other ingredients one by one dont over cook them only stir fry them lightly veggies colour must not be changed add spices add soya sauce 2 tbsp vinegar

add beaten eggs on one side of pan add green onion in the lastbecause it creates bitterness when over cooked stir fry and mix all of them lower the flame now add the boiled rice in itkeep the flame low

you can store these boiled rice in fridge for the recipe add all ricethan mix it at once very carefully to not to break rice we dont need to cook it nowits ready just after you mix the rice with ingredients mix it on medium flame

its ready it very easy recipeit hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes in cooking if you have ingredients ready serve it with chicken shashlik or chicken Manchurian press the LIKE button if you like recipe and dont forget to subscribe my channel thankyou very much for watching BYE-BYE

Source: Youtube

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