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Friendsgiving Recipes: Easy Sweet Potato Stuffing & Cranberry Relish By Ted Allen



This stuffing is really special It's got an addition of andouille sausage and turkey bacon

(squealing) Just a little bit, and the andouille sausage is also chicken, so it's low in fat, but it gives that stuffing a really surprising extra little depth from the sausage, and also a little kick, Yeah, yum Which I think is kinda fun A little bit of heat, and you got something sweet going on with your meat It smells fantastic Right on, yes

So you start off with a little bit of butter and a little olive oil, and you start by cooking your onions, celery and sweet potato, until the onion starts to get soft That's about five minutes or so So fragrant Then you add in, this is the turkey bacon So a little bit smokey, but still very heart healthy

Mm hm, exactly And chicken andouille We have our wet ingredients, so we've got some chicken stock, three eggs Okay, so we come over– Oh, what did you add in there for your herbs and spices there Some parsley, a little thyme, and just some cracked black pepper

Gotcha, simple All right So now is the time to bring together our, I think that's plenty, so that just gets tossed up, and we preheated the oven (applause) Yeah Let's get this in the oven, and we'll bring out a magically finished version

(applause) Here's a moppine, babe Let me grab or you want to grab it? Yeah Pot holders in the corner This is brilliant Oh, thank you, darling

You know, Ted, I wanted to talk to you because for years, Oh, my God, it's gorgeous Nice right? Good stuff, and the stuff Awe, good stuff I want to give a big air hug to our friends at No Kid Hungry Yes

You are partnering with them but they have been our friends since the day we launched our brand, a percentage of all of our sales have gone to hunger relief, improving school food, and providing scholarship dollars for kids, and the people that help us feed hungry American kids are No Kid Hungry Indeed, you know, I think it's shocking, but one in six American kids struggles with food insecurity, so we're encouraging people to add some extra meaning to their Thanksgiving celebration by calling it a Friendsgiving, inviting friends and family, and signing up at nokidhungryorg/friendsgiving to make it a fundraiser for those kids Amazing To help them

So when your friends come over, you can give to kids that are hungry (applause) and you know, that statistic of one in six? It hasn't changed in all the years we've been working together That's just unacceptable It's mind boggling, but the good news is that the American hunger problem with children is totally solvable We don't have shortage of food

That's right We just have trouble connecting those kids who need more food assistance Connecting the dots Yes Exactly

And finding the right conduit, which is why we work in school food, too So, I love cracked cranberry sauce This is the way we always make it Yeah, this is, and I want to show you just a couple of nice little twists that can also take this to another place So, one twist is a dice of green apple Yum

Added to the cranberries Cran apple sauce, yum Right? You cook, you put the cranberries in a pan with some water, a bit of sugar, and then, here's the real kicker, literally Oh, hello Cointreau

A little, right? (applause) You like this stuff? Cran apple orange? I am there, I am there Right, so the, oh, and there's a little bit of cinnamon and a little bit of clove And I'm obviously being a little fast and loose with the seasoning here, but it's also a pretty forgiving thing to make This, it only takes about 10 minutes of cooking Yeah

And then when you're done cooking, and it's sort of broken down, like this, you can come at it with a little additional citrus aromas by hitting it with some zest Zest (applause) And while the orange is expected, since there's orange on the inside of it, a little bit of lemon also Not only can you download these two delicious, easy to make, healthy recipes for your Friendsgiving or your Thanksgiving, you can also head to our website for more information on No Kid Hungry What a great idea, and what a wonderful way to really bring your friends together with purpose this Thanksgiving

Indeed Thank you so much Thank you Love you (applause)

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