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today we have made this super delicious fruit custard in 2 ways mango custard and mixed fruit custard Look how delicious it is full of fruits so delicious and yummy everyone will love this we go to the market to eat so expensive After eating food, when we go on a drive at night we eat this sweet in the same way So now we can make it at home very tasty and yummy so let's start now hello friends! how are you all? i hope you all are fine welcome to your own channel "Cooking With Shalini" today we will make something very tasty this is such a tasty dessert that you will definitely like it and would love to try in your own kitchen so let's start after watching this recipe do let me know how you liked it in comment section! today we are going to make tasty and yummilicious custard to make it take a pan and add 1 and half liter milk in it let it boil Take out two ladle milk in a bowl Allow the rest of the milk to boil So this milk that we have extracted in the bowl we will mix custard powder in it We'll put 4 teaspoons of custard powder in it Small spoon (tsp) It should not have lumps mix it well If it sticks to the bottom, we'll stir it well below It mixes very quickly No lumps it is ready The milk is going to boil now we will add 3 / 4th cup sugar Do not put much sugar in it you can add sugar according to your taste Sugar will be added the same way as normal we will add fruits in it and fruits are sweet so add sugar according to your taste mix it well milk is boiled switch flame to low This time when your milk boils and sugar is mixed you can taste milk If you find more sugar then you add some more milk And if you find less sugar then add more sugar By the way when the milk cools When we keep the custard in refrigerator And then eat It has a little sweetness Add sugar accordingly Now we bit by bit The custard powder we added to it will put it in before adding mix it well add custard powder and keep on stirring on medium flame The milk starts to thicken as soon as the custard is added When you move, you will see that it is getting slightly thicker We have to mix it continuously Otherwise, there will be lumps in it We put all the batter mix it continuously switch flame to low Once added, the flame of gas will be very low mix it continuously Otherwise it will stick to the bottom And it will smell and you will not like no lumps keep on stirring till it thickens cook for 2 minutes more we will cook it on low flame because So that our custard is cooked well There is no smell of any kind If it stays raw, and is not cooked well then it will smell bad

that's why we have kept it on low flame it is important to cook it for 4 to 5 minutes you can see layer is visible you can see the layer clearly but it needs to be thicken more you can see it has become very thick you can see layers We have mixed it continuously if you feel your batter is thin it is not thicken then you can add more custard powder we will not add custard powder immediately Because when our custard powder thickens, we will not be able to cook it on gas custard is ready now switch flame to low you can see layers of custard on spoon that means our custard is ready switch off the flame and shift it in a bowl divide custard base in two different bowls So we added custard powder to two bowls let it cool down It's cold now let's make it now take one bowl and whisk it with a whisker no lumps should be formed when we keep it in refrigerator then it thickens so we will whisk it properly if you feel your custard is thick then you can add little milk in it mix it well add half tsp of vanilla essence it enhance the flavor add fruits of your choice we added banana, grapes some diced mangoes pomegranate 2 tbsp soaked almonds pistachios and mix it well Look how tempting it looks fruit custard is ready very tasty keep it in refrigerator Cool it and eat it you will love it now we will make mango custard whisk it in same way add little bit of milk in it make lump free batter It is now well mixed now take mango pulp and add it in custard mix it well we are making mango custard and it tastes super delicious and few diced mangoes in it few soaked almonds (finely chopped) few pistachios mango custard is ready we will serve it in a glass now add fruit custard in glass now we will garnish it with few pomegranate so colorful few chopped pistachios fruit custard is ready very tasty now we will serve mango sustard garnish it with few diced mangoes on top add few chopped almonds add few chopped pistachios very tasty mango custard is ready chill it and then have so both fruit and mango custard are ready to serve so make it in same way And everyone will like this dessert eat whenever you feel like you will love it do try and share your views with us and if you like this recipe do like, share and subscribe thankyou! 🙂

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