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Fry Chana Daal Recipe Dhaba Style | Chana Daal Fry Recipe | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan



Fry chana Daal Recipe Dhaba Style Add Chana Daal 3 kg and Boil in water for 25 to 30 minute Chana Daal is boiled now we will separate water of Chana Daal and will use in this recipe Don't waste this water we will use in recipe Add half liter cooking Oil for 3 kg Chana Daal 2 onion medium size for Brown Add Ginger and garlic paste 3 table spoon for 3 kg Chana Daal Add Tomato Puri ( Paste) of 10 medium size tomatoes Add masoor daal 15 table spoon Salt 2 Table Spoon for 3 kg Chana Daal Turmeric Powder 2 Table Spoon Red Chili powder 2 Table Spoon for 3 kg Chana Daal Crushed Red Chili flake 2 Table Spoon White cumin seeds 2 Table Spoon Chicken karahi masala 1 table spoon of any brand like shan masala national Add Chana Daal water After boiling water add coriander leaves Add Boiled Chana daal After 10 minutes of cooking boiled Chana Daal our Chana Daal will be ready for fry Add Cooking Oil Add Tomato Puri 2 Table Spoon Add green chili and coriander leaves Add Chana daal

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