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Ganpati Naivedya Special | Paramparik Recipe Bhirdee | चुलीवरची भिरडी | How to make sweet| Kokan



Today's Special Dish is Bhirdee : Traditional Food : Kokan Special Keep Pan add 2 Cup of Water add Cumin Seed Powder and Turmeric Powder Mix it Well Let this mixture come to a boil Add Jagery in to the Mixture Add Salt for taste Mix it well till the Jaggery melt in to the water Add the Rice Flour Gradually 2- 3 Cup Stir till all Rice Flour is mixed with the water Now take all the Dough in a plate Or Thali Gather the dough together and begin to knead the dough Apply some Oil on yours palms and knead the dough Knead the dough thoroughly Apply some oil on yours palms make small balls from the dough and start giving the Bhirdee shape In Kokan on the 3rd Day of Ganesh Chaturthi this Bhirdee offered to Lord Ganesha Need to Deep Fry the Birdee Once Oil is Hot Fry Bhirdee in Oil till it Becomes Golden Brown and Crispy Remove it in the plate

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