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Garlic Kale Salad | Vegan Recipes in 30 Minutes



(upbeat piano music) – [Dale] For this simple recipe, all you're gonna need is a large storage container, cutting board, and a knife (upbeat piano music) The ingredients you'll need: bundle of kale, extra-virgin olive oil, fresh ground sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder and nutritional yeast

(upbeat piano music) Take your bundle of kale, rinse it off thoroughly I like to remove the stems from the kale before I chop it up; stems tend to add a little bit of bitterness to your salad If you like the stems, feel free to keep them (upbeat piano music) You may not need to do the entire bundle, but for me, I like to do it all at once so I can chop it up all at once It's entirely up to you

(upbeat piano music) Now, we're just gonna grab a handful Squeeze it together and then chop (upbeat piano music) I don't go for anything too fancy when I'm chopping up the kale (upbeat piano music) Again, chop (upbeat piano music) Be careful

Watch your fingers (upbeat piano music) Then I repeat the entire process for the entire bundle (upbeat piano music) Now, I'm gonna get a handful of kale and put it into my large storage container It's gonna be up to you how much you want to eat I recommend don't put too much in there if you're not gonna eat it right away, at least within the next 24 hours

(upbeat piano music) Our first ingredient is gonna be extra-virgin olive oil I'm just gonna sprinkle a little bit over top, shake it a bit, sprinkle a little bit more (upbeat piano music) Our next ingredient is fresh ground sea salt The more salt you add, the more it takes away from the bitterness of the kale (upbeat piano music) Our next ingredient is garlic powder

Now, of course, with it being garlic kale salad, you may wanna kinda go nuts on this, but depends on your taste Next ingredient is onion powder, just gonna do a little bit of shake on this one And the last ingredient is nutritional yeast (upbeat piano music) I'll sprinkle about three tablespoons nutritional yeast altogether Excellent, that looks good

We're gonna cover it up Make sure the storage container's nice and sealed and we're just gonna shake it a little bit (upbeat piano music) This evenly distributes the ingredients over the kale (upbeat piano music) Now it's ready to serve One of my favorite ways to dish it out is I put half on one plate and then half on the other

(upbeat piano music) Then I'll take some of my favorite toppings, like tomatoes (upbeat piano music) Then I'll add some non-dairy cheddar cheese, sprinkle a little bit here, sprinkle a little there And then I'll take some of my spicy bean dip, just to garnish the plate (upbeat piano music) This makes for a nice little tasty meal (upbeat piano music) Bon appetit

(upbeat piano music)

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