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Hi, I'm Rakel, today in Veganamente I'm going to make my version of Gazpacho To do it, we're going to need some ripe tomatoes, spring onion, Cucumber, Italian green pepper, a garlic clove, salt, vinegar, olive oil and water

The first thing I will do is scald the tomatoes to remove the skin, So, then, do not pass them through a sieve I like to notice the pulp but not the skin chips, so, I'll scald them, hair them and then, I'll use them I have the vegetables ready here Now it's about throwing everything chopped in the beater glass, add the ingredients to our taste, shred it and that's it Hummm! A little more water

This to the refrigerator and we take it very cool, that is death !! VEGANÍZATE !! This is my version of Gazpacho It's how I usually do it I know that "Each little teacher has his a little book" and that there are a thousand ways to do it, this is mine

I hope you like it Now a trick for you to have a Gazpacho with more flavor is to let marinate all the vegetables already cut and prepared with salt, vinegar and oil, leave them for a few hours or overnight and thus, when macerating, they take more flavor at the time of crushing them And if you want it to have a finer texture, you simply have to pass it through a Chinese or a colander and it will be perfect I do not do it because I like to find the fibers of the vegetable, but everyone can do it to their liking The ingredients and links to my social networks, below, in the description of the video Leave me a LIKE if you liked it, share with everyone, subscribe, Thank you very much for visiting me and I see you in the next recipe


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