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GCN Goes Bikepacking | How To Cook A Basic Meal



– Now this is a video that I'm particularly excited about making because food cooked outside always tastes better and we're in the hands of an expert chef Almost, I believe, once a contestant on MasterChef, it's Josh Ibbett who's spent many, many months bikepacking in total, and so he is gonna show us the finer points of bikepacking cuisine

Josh, where do we start? – Well, first off we need to boil some water, 'cause tonight we have rice on the menu – Lovely – You need to think about the type of fuel you can get in the country you're traveling in So here in Morocco we were lucky enough that Marrakesh is now big enough that you can get gas canisters for a stove However, we were prepared to find petrol for a petrol stove

You often find it in kind of further afield places, Central America, for example, you can only get white fuel or petrol, so the stove type pretty much depends on where you are Europe's easy, you can just get gas canister stoves Secondly, you need to be able to light your stove You can use matches or a lighter, however, they do run out, they can get wet, so I always tend to take a flint with me which gives you a nice spark and that always works, even if it gets wet There we go, third time lucky

So we've got our titanium pot for this So before we start, we should probably wash our hands – Hand sanitizer! – We've been in the dirt all day and we don't need to get ill now – Thanks mate – Do a bit of that and we'll give the pot a little rinse out to make sure there's no dust or dirt in there

So I've just got water here, you have to factor water into your kind of, your planning earlier on so if you end up using the last of your water to cook dinner and you still have 100K the next day, then you might find yourself in trouble So try and be sparing with it, so we'll just get little bits of dust out of there, and then we'll put it on and get that boiling – Now presumably, given that we're boiling water for like 10, 15 minutes with our rice, actually you could get it out of wherever 'cause it's gonna be, gonna safe to drink – yeah If you've got a filter that helps 'cause you can get all the particles of dirt out, but let's face it, we've been riding on dusty, gritty roads for days so we've probably already had our fair share of dirt today A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone – So whilst you wait for the water to boil, tell us about your cooking history with bikepacking

So last year for example, you went for six months right? You were in Europe and North America How often were you cooking outside like this and how often were you eating out? It depends where I was, so Europe is pretty cheap quite often to get a fairly decent meal So I probably cook outside every, maybe 4 or 5 days out of a week, and then have a meal the other two In America, it was probably even more than that, and a bit of fast food as well So it depends on location and what you can get, but the staple to eat is basically rice or pasta, an easy to cook carb

It's not the most amazing cuisine I'd probably only get one michelin star to be honest – Only one? – Only one I'm afraid, but you know you've gotta make do with what you've got – Yeah, fair enough How we doing? – I think we're getting there

– Yeah – Nearly, nearly – That's boiled pretty quick, isn't it? – Yeah, I leave it till it's really boiling just so it kind of does kill any bugs or whatever, and then a little tip that I like to do is just put the spoon in because well I think I was spooning out jam on some bread this morning, and I kind of licked it to clean it, so we should probably sanitize it and the water's just boiling so I'll just it in there for a minute Bear in mind though, that it is titanium so if you touch the ends it can get quite hot Alright so we're boiling, put that on there – Careful about that Assos jacket (chuckles) Would you like my mug to measure it out with? That's how I measure rice at home

– You can if you want – Nah, this looks like it's more extreme – (chuckles) Extreme, extreme rice cooking So we'll just shake that in there Whoa, whoa

Alright, that'll boil up quite well There's a fair bit in there so we might be overflowing soon It's important when you've got like a metal pan like this, it does tend to kind of burn to the bottom a bit if you're not careful, trust me I've learned the hard way, and when that's the last bit of rice and you're already hungry, you kind of have to eat it – Will say, you don't want rice to stick to your titanium pan, do you? – Exactly (slow, bouncy music) – Alright then, so the rice is just soaking up the last of the liquid

Can you let the viewers know, Josh, what is gonna go with it to complete this recipe – As it's your first time bikepacking, Sim, I thought I'd really really treat you, and get a pretty posh dinner, so let's see what we've got (Josh speaking foreign language) – Tuna with big flavor, yes (laughs) – And they've even got ring pulls on them – Amazing – Which is another point, always make sure you get a tin opener 'cause there's nothing more disappointing than cooking a dinner buying a tin of something good like tuna and then realizing there's no ring pull and you haven't got a tin opener

– Oh, how devastating – So I always carry this rather handy pen knife that's been on many trips with me, and it's got, oh that's not it, that's a screwdriver – So, let's plunk that in there – [Host] Wow, that looks amazing – Shall we go for two tins? – [Host] Yeah of course, yeah

– One each – [Host] And then we've got one for the morning for breakfast – a good plunk, look at that And now we're going to mix it up You can give it a good spin (chuckles) – I wish that we could get three tins in there, Josh – Should we go for it? – Well, why not

– Come on then, that looks amazing – Let's just leave it for a couple of minutes – What! – Because the heat of the rice will just warm the tuna a little bit – I think the Moroccan sun has been warming the tuna steadily all afternoon (laughs) in my saddle bag

– [Josh] It'll only take 30 seconds then – [Host] Okay, right good – How many lumps would you like? – Loads, please – Loads of lumps – I'm starving and actually, this is not gourmet, no offense, Josh, but it smells amazing and I think that is the power of outside and the power of hunger

(both laugh) – How's it tasting? – You ready for this? Tuna with big flavor and rice (laughs) you know what, that absolutely hits the spot, it is not gourmet, but given where we are, like in the midst of the atlas mountains, given how hungry we are, that is top stuff Anyway, thank you very much for the tips, Josh, 'cause it's not just about tuna with rice, it's about all the other hard-earned lessons that you've given us, so thank you very much If you wanna watch any more howto videos about bike-packing with Josh and drawing on his experience then click just down there for another video This is great, mate, thank you very much

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