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Ginger Candy Recipe | अदरक की कैन्डी | Candied Ginger Recipe



Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulika

com Today we will make Ginger Candy This candy tastes delicious It also helps digest the food Let's start making Ginger candy

For Ginger candy peel and make ginger slices This is 200 gms ginger, washed and dried Let's peel it Scrap and peel it like this Buy such ginger for candy which has less fibres

Too fibrous ginge is not good Secondly choose such pieces, which are not much twisted We have the the ginger washed and dried Gingers are peeled You can add these peels to add flavor to the tea

Now let's cut ginger slices Cut it into thin slices Not very thin but with slight thickness Cut all the ginger pieces likewise Ginger slices are ready, Now let's boil it

Put in a cooker to boil Add 1/2 cup water to it Close the cooker Cook until a single whistle There is a single whistle, reduce flame to minimum

Cook it on low flame for 10 minutes 10 minutes have passed, turn off flame Wait until the pressure from cooker escapes Pressure has escaped Ginger slices are boiled and ready

Take them out from the cooker Take these out in a strainer Extra water will drain into the bowl below Press the slices with spoon and they can be pressed well These have turned soft

Now lets cook the slices in sugar syrup Pour 15 cup sugar in a vessel Pour the water from the ginger to make sugar syrup It will have a nice gingery flavor

We need to add 1 cup water, Add water to fill the cup Turn on flame Cook until sugar dissolves in water Stir at regular interval Sugar has dissolved in water

It has some foam over it Remove it Add the slices in the sugar syrup Cook it on high flame until, the syrup is dense in consistency Stir it at regular intervals

These are cooked till the sugar syrup becomes dense If you drop the sugar syrup, it falls as a thread Sugar syrup has become dense Turn off flame, add 1/2 tsp green cardamom powder This makes the candy more yummy

Mix these well Lift and keep it on a Jali stand Let the ginger slices stay in syrup, for 10 to 12 hours or overnight Then proceed with it We had kept the ginger in sugar syrup

Ginger candy has completely absorbed sugar syrup We kept ginger in sugar syrup over night The syrup has hardend from above but liquid from below Take out the candy from the syrup Let's slightly heat it to take out

Keep the vessel over the gas, Cook until the syrup melts Keep flame medium Stir regularly Syrup has melt completely Turn off flame

Lift the vessel keep on jali stand Let it slightly cool It has cooled off slightly Take out from the syrup Take out the candy one by one

Arrange separately on the jali stand You can also lift much quantity once in the scoop Drain the syrup Put candy over the net and separate it Arrange all the candies on the jali net

All the candies are arranged on the net Now let's keep it to dry Keep it under the fan on a table to dry It will dry from above and below Candy will dry up within 1 to 1

5 hours We have the leftover syrup you can add lemon juice to it, and make sharbat from it Let's keep the candies to dry Ginger candy is dried and ready

Take it out from the net Ginger candy is ready, it is really tempting It is very delicious to eat It also helps in digestion of food You can keep it in any air tight container

Use it for over 6 months Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with nishamadhulikacom See you soon with another delightful recipe Do subscribe to my YouTube channel as well

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