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Welcome to my Channel But in this episode we will do something delicious Spicy Milk These are the Ingredients we will use to do Spicy Milk Garlic Onion Kamatis Shrimp Cubes Fish sauce Ground Black Pepper Stuffed shredded Malunggay Water and our Munngo Let's start washing our Munngo We'll wash her two times We will remove the dirt from our mouth There was a floating flot over our wash Let's take it Let's start boiling our Legion Just set our Medium Heat to our Kalan Now we have 1 liter of water We do not have any float in our Legion Now let's cover her And we'll throw it for 45 minutes When Pop is our Pop Okay Then I just set aside it Let's start with the cigars Let's put the best of our oil Then we'll have the Garlic With Brown we've put our Onion Then we'll follow that Tomato Add that to our Shrimp Cubes And let's just mix it We just Mash our Kamatis to get out of her flavor Now I add it Then I just mix it up again If it does not get there in our place Especially those who are abroad Alternative is Pork Let's just cut it Cubes Or we can use Shrimp Then let's put our own It was boiled down earlier Then mix it up again with the rest of the Ingredients After that we have Patis Depending on your preferences Tools, please take care Then we also have Ground Black Pepper I used the Freshly Ground Black Pepper here Maybe those 1 teaspoon of Ground Black Pepper I put here Then mix it up again Cover us and simmer for us around 5 minutes Then we get him So we can adjust the flavor It's OK! Then we put our Malunggay Just mix it Then we'll mix her Let's kill Kalan Do not over cook our Malunggay Ayan That's what we did To be more delicious i'm Top Chicharon Ayus ba! For future recipes on my Channel Do not forget to click on the Notification Bell Do not forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe Until again and Happy Cooking!

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