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Glen’s Absolute Fave Stir Fry Beef And Broccoli || Glen & Friends Cooking



Hey everyone welcome back! I just made a beef broccoli and asparagus stir-fry for supper Absolutely love this stuff, super easy to do, here's how I made it: So in a bowl I started with some starch, baking soda, sake, and soy sauce

Just with the fork I sort of whisk that together a little bit Then I sliced very thinly a flank steak; you could use flank like I am or you could use skirt steak, you could use whatever steak is in your freezer that you want to use up Just slice it really thinly – it's gonna be great! Once the steak is sliced up, I put that in the the marinade that we mixed up at the beginning Give that a really good stir You should let it marinade for 20 minutes to a half an hour, but usually I only let it marinate as long as it takes me to make the other components of this dish

Next I make the flavouring sauce and that's oyster sauce, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, chili garlic paste, and I give that a really good stir If it's a little too thick I'll add in a little bit of water and then I set that aside, and cut up my broccoli

I used a mix of broccoli and asparagus this time, often I will put in a second green vegetable so for the purists out there this is not just beef and broccoli, this is beef broccoli and some other green vegetable This time it's asparagus So I cut those up fairly small, and then I heat up my wok I've got a carbon steel wok, but I'm cooking on an induction cooktop – not ideal for stir frying I hit the wok with some oil and then in goes half of the steak, and I try to scoop in the steak without scooping in much of the marinade because you don't want to steam the steak you want to fry it

Once the first half is done I take it out and I put the second half in and I fry that until it's 60% of the way cooked Take out the second batch of steak, and clean out your wok You don't want a dirty wok when you move on to putting the broccoli in, because the leftover marinade in the wok will just burn You don't want that In goes the broccoli, you stir that around for a couple of minutes

On pretty high heat to just sort of brown the outside Then I throw in the asparagus and stir that around for a little bit

Then in goes a bit of water, you want to steam the broccoli just a little bit at this point to soften it up Once the broccoli is cooked through, sort of tender crisp, back in goes steak give that a stir around In goes the sauce; stir that around, and you just cook it until the sauce is thickened to the consistency that you like it So this is the point where I'm supposed to tell you what to serve this with There are nights where I eat this all on its own, there are days where I just make this and have it for lunch all week

It may not be the traditional North American Chinese restaurant takeout beef and broccoli recipe, but this is one flavourful dish! The meat is so incredibly tender because of that eighth of a teaspoon of baking soda Give this beef and broccoli recipe a try! See you soon

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