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Hi, I'm Raquel, today in Veganamente I'm going to do Gomasio And what is the Gomasio? Well it is a natural flavoring, made from roasted sesame seeds and salt

sea salt, which is used a lot in Japanese cuisine It has a lot of properties that I will not tell you here If I can tell you that it provides fiber, calcium, because sesame is rich in calcium

it's energizing helps reduce the consumption of salt in dishes In short, I am not a nutritionist, so, if you are interested, I encourage you to look for more information about it

To do this, we will only need, as I mentioned, two ingredients, What are they: Sesame seeds, unroasted, raw seeds and sea salt Doing it is very simple, to start with, all we have to do is, put in a pan on the fire without oil, the sesame seeds so that they are lightly roasted We scattered well The amounts of sesame and salt vary according to each one's taste From ONE tablespoon of salt to FIVE of sesame

to ONE tablespoon of salt for FIFTEEN of sesame I usually use this last measure 1 tablespoon of salt for 15 of sesame While the sesame is toasted, we put the salt in a pan To lose moisture We leave it for a few minutes and then we remove it

All over low heat They have already changed slightly in color They have to toast a little, they do not have to toast too much And this we have ready, so we continue with the recipe Now it's about grinding it

And for that I'm going to use the Suribachi The Suribachi is a mortar that differs from the others, in that it has these ridges, I do not know if you see them, Thanks to them, it helps to break the seeds well I have also used this mortar, if you remember it, to make homemade Tahini Therefore, because it makes the work much easier, but if you do not have it, nothing happens because you can use a normal mortar, in fact, I was the one I was using until I bought the Suribachi

It will cost you a little more work, but it can be done perfectly Mix the salt with sesame We mix it well We put it in the mortar Now we are going to press, making circles, in a clockwise direction

It is about breaking them, some grains will be whole, but most will be broken and that is what we are looking for I do not advise you to use a coffee grinder, that's why it's not about pulverizing it In addition it will rust and the taste changes I have done it and it has nothing to do with it They are already breaking and is releasing a weapon that is !!! It smells delicious, delicious, delicious! That's it, it has not taken me three minutes

I do not know if you can appreciate it !! It is not dust, they are broken, there are some more whole grains This is the texture! Now we put it in an airtight glass jar, We keep it in the fridge And it is advisable to consume it within a week

Veganízate!! I know that today's recipe is very simple, but I encourage you to do it because it adds incredible flavor to the dishes! A part of all the properties you have, It complements very well with rice, with salads, I always throw it into salads in soups in whatever you can think of, you'll see, it has a spectacular flavor !! Ingredients and quantities below, in the description of the video, along with links to other sites where you can also follow me I remind you that in my blog, in addition to recipes, I also have different ones to which I share here, you can find recipes for natural cosmetics what you can do at home, herbology and more topics that may interest you And nothing more for today Thanks for stopping by my kitchen, if you liked the recipe, leave me a Like, subscribe, share with everyone and see you in the next recipe


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