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Gordon Ramsay – How to make shortcrust pastry


[UltraVid id=448 ]shortcrust pastry one of most delicious and easiest pastries to make in the entire world now making pastries like chemistry you got to follow the recipe from start to finish with exact measurements so if you’re feeling adventurous follow this really important the bowl and your butter in the fridge 200 grams of butter 400 grams of flour a little pinch of salt into the blender and the reason why we do this in the blender is basically just to speed up the process what we’re looking for now is a sort of bread crumb mixture and it can be done by hand where your hands tend to melt the butter in a way that it sort of it ruins the texture this is very quick and more important so much easier 15 20 seconds on the blender and look there’s really nice soft fine sort of breadcrumb texture now nice cold bowl fingers in the middle we’re going to make your well an important part now is incorporating just under 100 mils of water start off with two-thirds of the water in there get your hand and always treat your home like it sort of whisk and just turn the pastry around and be quite vigorous with it just in and twist and what you’re trying to do is mop up all the butter and the flour together and then the final part of your water so twist again into this really nice dough very gently lightly Farrow your board lift out the dough push the pastry together and just gently knead it and then look just a nice light sprinkling the flour and nice and carefully roll that and look what I’m looking for is really nice soft ply the butter hasn’t melted the pastries got texture back into the bowl cling film on top now you’ve got a really nice light pastry ready to relax

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