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Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Desserts | COMPILATION


[UltraVid id=528 ]perfidy rolls Toback the agent something that we’ve all forgotten about how to make the perfect shoe pastry first and foremost before li turn the oven on 125 mils of milk 200 mils of water in to the pan it’s important that we bring it to the boil slowly butter castor sugar salt it’s gotten from becoming over three and gives a really nice sort of rustic flavor to it off the heat 150 grams of plain flour vigorously fold that flour in back onto the heat try that look beautiful just hanging off the food cooled eggs it’s really importantly put the eggs in one at a time therefore you get this really nice incorporation of the white and the yolk look beautiful piping bag one nice lump and look just coming to their sheer they’re three through paper something’s with sticking to the tray down push and pissed away perfect now finger into a bowl of water and just push down no little pointy bars this stops the roll from burning into the other 18 to 20 minutes chocolate sauce we use between sort of 67 percent pure carry the better the chocolate the better the source simpler there and a secret now is to melt this chocolate over all kind of simple water that will melt within three to four minutes butter honey just look now that beautiful smooth and just this wonderful texture there take it off the heat and that snap is perfect milk out creme Chantilly basically a really nice play with cream icing sugar vanilla and then mix it nice piping bag push in for the role generously fill up you see the clean fountain back at you from just stick them together badly I can sugar chocolate sauce into a jug for the road with chocolate sauce and Chantilly cream done for dessert it’s an incredible but easy hazelnut meringue tower guaranteed to wow your maids start with the basic meringue separate four egg whites and whisk [Music] gradually add castor sugar until the mix forms stiff glossy Peaks gently folding ground and chopped hazelnuts as trick we’re using the restaurants if you use the mix to stick baking sheets down which makes them easy to spread and stops the sheets blowing around top you meringues with more finely chopped hazelnuts and bake for 25 minutes and the trick to stop them cracking is to turn the oven off and let them cool inside for the filling melt dark chocolate in a bowl over simmering water and slightly cooled whip the cream until it forms soft peaks and gently folding 3/4 of the melted chocolate until combined build your tower with alternate layers of chocolate cream and meringue finally drizzle over the remaining melted chocolate to decorate a simple yet luxurious dessert your friends will love but be warned that all one second helpings I really nice exciting quick cheesecake served with a strawberry and blueberry compote biscuit plate hot pan sugar we’re gonna form a really nice light golden caramel butter I’ve got lots of dissolves put in your biscuit [Music] chose the biscuit in the camera they become really nice and crunchy cool very compost hot pan sugar strawberries blueberries and look what’s happening now you’ve got that really nice caramel texture deglaze the pan for this little baby a creme the Kathy giving a really nice dark texture cool cheesecake cream cheese in vanilla icing sugar sweeten up the cream cheese mix lemon cream with the fold the cream into the cream cheese filled biscuit crumb to release the cutter teeth round the outside of the ring blowtorch very gently compost touch meant that have to be the perfect quick delicious banana cheesecake but in a Tuesday with berry compote done probably glory a great way of celebrating the best of British strawberries strawberries half icing sugar ultimate vinegar the combination of the tartness of the vinegar against the sweetness of his Provost is mind-blowing drizzle over strong icing sugar pan nice and hot probably then caramelized literally 15 to 20 seconds a quick toss them back out creme patisserie coming known as a really nice thick custard milk cream boil egg yolks sugar whit whit whit flower take out 1/3 of the cream and milk stir that’s liquefied for all of your milk and your cream in there back in the pan bring the custard up to the boil it’ll cause it to go really nicely thick [Music] into the fridge to cool down cream icing sugar turn over with the cream just as it’s time to pour through your wig get your thick cutter take off wonder with the rest of Australia nice just falling through the whip now the exciting part putting this little baby together strawberry juice pastry cream crushed meringue the repeat really nice for vanilla ice cream with our double thick wedge custard juice grated chocolate it wouldn’t be complete without one of these a good old-fashioned British way from [Music] Toby glory done and a sticky top of fudge cake double your favorites a marshmallow and peanuts frigid cake perfect for a picnic first things first let’s slowly melt the chocolate that’s good gonna break up the chocolate right in there next bus it goes it Don’t Tell experience on gold instead it sounds good if it melt chocolate too quickly it starts to separate and destroy the best and safest way to melt chocolate is always use of a memory but I’m going to keep a really close eye on mine and heat it over a super low heat this stunning little cake has your favorites in there hi Jessica yeah have them there and give them like that one time ago and crush what’s the one thing that you love about picnic I love eating outside specially on a nice summery day not so much in the winter day no I think with the crunchy part of our education and it’s called a frigid cake because we can sit in the fridge or you can freeze it that’s peanuts in please can you use it without peanuts if you’re allergic to peanut oh you can do yeah definitely now are these little babies and Mary numbers so they’re your favorite they’re so bright all night why’d you love marshmallows so much cuz that’s a wedgie I give that a nice mix up chocolate smells nice and I think I want you to pour that in and I’ll mix it nice and gently studies very seriously yeah touch more please mmm isn’t it good give a little mixer daddy please they’re melting nice and clean Carolina price this is quite easy to make because you don’t have to bake it mm-hmm you just set it yeah I want you to start into the corners please with your fingers you’re playing it nice and flat hi all Nathan marshmallow and speedy mmm let’s get the spatula okay look how delicious another really good I could eat it right now I didn’t feel it’s not set so when I stats okay you’ll get nice and so then we can cut it into little bars little squares triangles triangles push okay but the important part pushing it down is so we can slice it and the more we push the pin with you slice okay [Music]

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