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Got sweet tooth? Try Devil's Nutella Pizza [Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/ENG/2020.06.30]



(Not on the menu, but made just for the loyal Yeongja) Nutella This is the Devil's Pizza

It's the devil's jam (A new world of desserts, Devil's Pizza!) That looks so delicious This is the man who first made this pizza – In Napoli / – In Napoli? – 48 years of experience? / – First time? He's not married either

Why are you fixing us up? You shouldn't be trying to fix us up I'm not trying to fix you up I have Wooka You're so beautiful (He cooked for me) (He gave me flowers) I'll go see you soon

It's a joke, Geni Geni He said he'll go first, so you can follow him – He's making the dessert pizza now, right? / – Yes Wow

I can't do it like this Oh my gosh – He said to try it like this / – Me? (Can I do this?) Geni! (Can I do this?) Geni! God bless you (Let's see

) She's doing it herself She's learning how to make pizza Girare, girare

– Girare? / – Giraffe? What? Giraffe? Who are you calling a giraffe? (I know I'm bad, but his words are too harsh) "Girare" means to turn in Italian – Girare / – To turn – It's not an insult / – Okay, girare

(Still upset) (Flour alert) – Mamma mia / – Mamma mia He said to watch him (Regular pizza is cooked with the toppings on it) (But Devil's Pizza is cooked without toppings first) Because they're going to spread chocolate on top (You can leave it in an empty spot in the oven) She took it out well

(Succeeded in one go!) (Mamma mia!) Okay! (Expressing her joy at succeeding) It's like they're in Italy It's a sandwich (Adding the toppings) That looks good (First topping, Nutella chocolate) That's the devil's jam It already looks so delicious

(Second topping, sugar powder) I think it'll be really sweet and delicious (Third topping, roasted almonds) It looks so good At home, you could use tortillas or dumpling wrappers You can add Nutella and sugar power on top, and then almonds It'll be an extraordinary dessert

– You have to eat it with coffee / – It was so good Bitter coffee What kind of coffee is this? A caffe macchiato, but it's dalgona coffee in Korean One-minute Dalgona? – Jung Ilwoo stirred it 4,000 times, right? / – Yes

You can make dalgona coffee in one minute Oh my goodness, really? There's no need to stir it 4,000 times (Add 1 teaspoon of espresso to 4 teaspoons of sugar) I want to try it (Stir it for 1 minute until the sugar thickens) – Just one minute? / – Yeah, just one minute You can make it in one minute? You don't need to stir it 4,000 times

(Add the dalgona and steamed milk to espresso!) Like espresso con panna (One-minute dalgona coffee is complete!) I want to drink it right now Yum! Oh, girare! It makes her body girare Makes her body girare Gyeongwan, girare

(It's not an insult) When it comes to girare, I'm the original 24 hours girare 24 hours girare I've been doing girare up to now (Devil's Pizza and One-Minute Dalgona) (A fantastic combination not to be missed!) To beat Gyeonggyu

Cheers One, two, three – Let's go! / – Let's go!

Source: Youtube

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