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GRAPHIC – Live lobster – 2 Grilled Lobster Recipes


[UltraVid id=127 ][Music] well look at these bad boys alive and kicking let’s start cooking these are beautiful Canadian lobsters and they’re absolutely gorgeous fresh as can be and we’re gonna prepare those and I’m gonna show you how to kill these in a very humane way let’s start with that first now of course there’s a lot of debate about killing a lobster how to do it in the humane way killing an animal is very natural this is something that’s hard for some people but it’s definitely something that’s part of eating food if you can’t kill it then don’t eat it it’s what a lot of people say but I can imagine it’s tough and I’ve put on this video for a long time because of course it’s not the most friendly thing to see but I want to show you guys how it’s done so what we’ll do is we’ll kill it and it’s instant dead but the thing is it will won’t stop moving it will still move because of the nervous system even though it’s dead it’s still gonna twitch but I’ll show you guys well put the knife in the back of the head like this and then pierce the armor come forward and it’s dead you see it’s still moving but that’s nothing more than the nervous system this animal doesn’t feel anything anymore now we’re going for the other side there we go look at a beautiful officer plenty of meat in there and we’re going to make sure this Lobster is gonna be a real treat now the second one is up do the same thing right there [Music] and go on there any of the rounds there we go and again a beautiful lobster fresh meat this is perfect guys so a clean of this lobsters just to get out some of that intestines that will make them look better so I got to recipe for you guys one I came up after seeing that really do this and it involves gin tonic butter and lemon in lime so let’s start with that very easy we’ll put two lemons and two limes on a hot heat I started the barbecue up I made two zones one direct and one indirect with a lot of power so let’s start working on a butter this is 250 grams of butter I’m gonna add about 100 grams of butter we’ll add a shot of gin an equal amount of tonic a bit of salt and a bit of black pepper now we’ll place this on the fire as well so look at these lemons and limes go the idea is that the insides get really warm and soft and at the same time we’re melting the butter let’s place the lime and lemon a little bit over to a less heat until the butter has fully melted now the butter has completely molten or melted and I got my syringe here we’re gonna soak up all this butter yeah we’re going to inject the lime with our butter now it’s time for our lobster to go on but before we do that we’re gonna take off these rubber bands to make sure they don’t burn also we’re gonna just open up there one of their claws on this one we’re going to just do a little bit of olive oil just to make sure it doesn’t stick to the grill and place it meat side down first there we go the other one is well meat sat down first making sure we get a nice little char on the on the meat just for a minute or so the lobsters are still twitching because it’s so fresh it’s not because there’s still alive that is just unreal entire senior movement move it around yes we got a nice bit of char here and now it’s time to do our magic trick getting a lime and lemon off wait just a second for the lime to cool down a little bit then we’ll cut it open put it in a paper towel so we’re sure we’re not burning ourselves then from a high put a little pressure on the lemon just a little bit so you can aim it and the butter and the gin and tonic will come out and flavor your lobster this is how you get gin and tonic Lobster guys little bit of salt just let this big claw cook just a little bit more so this lobster is done we’ll get it off the grill for the second recipe of grilling lobster we’re going to go around a different way we’re gonna do garlic and chili peppers I’m not going to de-seed them when you like your chili pepper not that hot make sure you deceide them we’re going to chop it real fine and we’re going to add two cloves of garlic we’re going to chop these fine as well well add this to a bowl [Music] [Applause] so we stuffed the lobster with our butter put it on the grill with the meat side up a little lower temperature on the grill this time and we’ll wait for the lobster to heat up and the butter to melt and then we’ll flip it around for a last bit of grilling well place the butter in the grill as well just for it to soften up absorb all the flavors that we put in there and then in the end we can sprinkle it on when the lobsters almost cooked through we’re gonna flip it around watch that inferno cuz the butter is gonna create a lot of heat butter looks good brush it on just that last bit for the extra flavor really nice perfect get them off the grill there we go the last touch we’ll add the rest of the butter it just is still in the pan nice tinkle over and then we got a little treat for our gin and tonic look there bud of those juices little lime butter gin tonic stuff oh yeah it’s gonna be really delicious that is absolutely fantastic I just took a bite of that garlic and chili butter lobster and man this is delicious it’s perfect the meat is super tender of course because the the lobsters really fresh but you know that the butter so rich and then with garlic and salt and the chili pepper fantastic now let’s dig into the gin and tonic lobster fantastic completely different the gin and tonic gives it that extreme freshness combined with the creamy of the lobster great combination well guys I hope you enjoyed this recipe because it’s really good and you should give it a try you know killing the lobster at first might be hard but when you get over it man you get a real treat see you guys next time Cheers you

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