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Grilled Carne Asada Steak Fajitas Recipe with Homemade Tortillas



– What's up guys, chef Billy Parisi here Thanks so much for stopping by to check out another episode

Today I'm gonna be making carne asada flank steak with homemade flower tortillas Bob's Red Mill is gonna help us out to make one delicious beef fajita Carne asada literally translates from Spanish to English to the word roast Carne obviously means beef, so we're gonna roast up some beef But first in very strong tradition, we're gonna marinate up our flank steak

Flank steak comes from the belly area of the cow and is incredibly lean and delicious if cooked right You either need to do it rare medium rare or cook for long periods of time in a slow cooker For this marinade we're gonna go ahead and whisk together some fresh lime juice, we're going to finely grate some garlic on a microplane, add in some ground cumin We're gonna chop up some fresh cilantro, toss it in there The next thing we need to do is remove the stem and seeds from a fresh jalapeno, and we're going to finally mince those up

Also add those to the bowl We're gonna add in some sugar to help offset some of that heat, along with some white vinegar, olive oil, and sea salt Go ahead and whisk all of those ingredients together in that medium sized bowl and then transfer it over to a plastic bag This is what I like to use to marinate Once it is poured in there add our flank steak right in there

Move it around, squish it around, do everything you need to do to make sure that marinade penetrates every square centimeter of that flank steak Go ahead and zip it up and we're gonna place it in the refrigerator for at least two hours (light music) So this is perfect timing because while the flank steak is in the refrigerator we can go ahead and make our homemade flour tortillas These things are gonna be insane And you're not gonna believe how easy they are

I'm gonna be using Bob's Red Mill Organic All-Purpose Flour This is such a great all around flour I always say it's delicate enough for those delicious cakes and pies and has enough protein to stand up to make some of the most rustic breads out there So go ahead and add some flour to a standing mixer with the paddle attachment We're next gonna add in a bit of sea salt, followed up with some baking powder

We're gonna turn it on low speed and slowly drizzle in some canola oil You can absolutely use lard here, and in fact, if you've got any rendered bacon fat that would be absolutely prime in this recipe, so add that in there Follow it up lastly with some warm water We're gonna mix it together just until it becomes a dough It's very, very easy to recognize

Takes maybe a minute or so Transfer it over to a clean surface dusted with a little bit of flour Next what we want to do is split it up into about 20 little individual balls And these are gonna be our flour tortillas Go ahead and cut them and form them in your hands

Once they are all done set them to the side, sprinkle a little bit of flour and place a towel right over top Let 'em sit for about 20 to 25 minutes Okay, during that time I whipped up a few other ingredients just to add as toppings over our fajitas You do whatever you wanna do here Maybe it comes out of a jar, totally up to you

But now it's time to make our flour tortillas So go ahead and take them out of that bunch We're gonna smash 'em down, and using a rolling pin we wanna roll them out until they're about eight or nine inches in diameter Next we're gonna set them to the side until they're all done and going over to a griddle or a very large saute pan on medium high heat, think around 350, 400 degrees, add our flour tortilla right to that griddle It's only gonna cook for about 20 to 30 seconds on each side

You don't want them to be too crispy 'cause you'll never be able to reheat them You want them to be moist, warm, and little brown spots all over them Go ahead and give it a flip when it's time I just like to hold them in a towel Just simply place them on top, fold it up, you're good to go

While the flour tortillas are staying warm, this is great time Our steak is done marinating Let's get outside to that grill This thing is about 450 to 550 degrees It's extremely hot

Lay down our flank steak right on those hot spots Yes, flames are gonna go everywhere This thing is coated in oil and all sorts of goodness It takes about four to five minutes per side of this one pound flank steak for it to be a rare, medium rare That's how I like it, that's how I recommend eating it for the most tender, juicy, delicious flavor you can possibly get

So be sure to flip it over after that time You'll notice some nice light grill marks, maybe the fire freaked you out like this thing was gonna be burnt No chance It's perfect Finish it up for another four to five minutes

We're simply gonna add it to a plate, remove it from the grill, go inside, simply place it on a cutting board And as you can see the grains going a certain way Now because I don't want to have these long pieces I cut it in half And then I thinly shave it against the grain This is so to make sure it won't be tough when you eat it

Shave it as thin as you possible can Now it's time to plate this up Go ahead and add one of our warm flour tortillas to a little parchment paper or a serving plate We're gonna add on some of that delicious cooked flank steak Followed up with some corn salsa, like I said, this part is subjective and completely up to you

I'm gonna add on a little bit of avocado, some queso fresco, boom My beef fajita, carne asada flank steak with homemade flour tortillas is finished It looks amazing The smells in this kitchen are to die for My fajita looks amazing

I can't wait to get into it I'm not gonna waste anymore time, let's give it a taste (light music) Whoa That is like literally a flavor explosion The marinated flank steak is amazing, and the flour tortilla is so easy to make and how complementing is this

I mean, usually you're going to the store to buy these things in a package Don't do that anymore Make them from scratch, they're easy, they're way more delicious You aren't gonna believe it That's all I've got for today

I wanna finish this guy up Come back tomorrow, see our next episode No clue what it's gonna be at this point Thanks so much for following We'll see you all later

(light music)

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