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Hi friends, nomoshkar and welcome to Curries With Bumbi Today I will be making a delicious recipe using just 3 main ingredients

You can make this for breakfast or snacks or whenever your heart desires So let’s get started Take a slice of bread Place 2 cheese slices I have used American cheese as it melts perfectly

You can use any cheese according to your preference but use something that melts easily Some freshly ground black pepper Top it with another slice of bread This is really a very very quick and easy recipe You can even make these for lunchboxes

Next comes the final ingredient, the eggs Use one egg per person Add salt as per taste I like adding little paprika Then whisk the eggs

Heat pan over medium high heat Add about 2 tablepoons of butter and little oil I like the combination of both You can use only oil as well Dip the sandwich in the egg, turn and dip the other side as well

Then fry on low heat Flip the bread once it turns golden brown This looks perfect now so I am going to take it out Similarly repeat with the other breads as well This is such a delicious treat that you won’t imagine unless you make it

With minimum effort you can get maximum deliciousness and it will be loved by all It even tastes great at room temperature You can enjoy with some ketchup, I like it as is Please check out my other recipes as well and if you are new to my channel please consider subscribingEat healthy and stay healthy

Bye bye

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