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Grilled Chicken Berry Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing



What could be more summer than a berry-filled chicken salad? This salad is hearty, sweet, delicious, and it's everything you want To start, you just wanna marinate some chicken: little bit of lemon juice to really play up that flavor, grill it off to perfection, and slice it up

The dressing has tons of lemon juice, some lemon zest To make it creamy, a little bit of Greek yogurt, and of course poppy seeds Blended together, it is this creamy, tangy, sweet dressing and it is right on top of a full bed of spinach packed full fo berries I'm sorry, if your mouth isn't watering, you are not ready for summer And it's all coming up on today's Wyse Guide! I don't know what it is 'bout summer, but I just crave salads

One, I have tons of greens coming in from the garden: spinach and lettuce, and I like to find different things to do with 'em A salad always works because it is light, it's cool if it's a hot day and yet you can pack it full of anything that's in season Right now, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries are always on my mind and, I mean, they're just always good To play it up, I like to have some chicken on it because it makes it more hearty You can have this for a brunch, you can have it for a lunch, it can really eat like a meal or a great side dish

And if you wanna be any more festive, hello, this screams Fourth of July You got the red, white, and blue, and it looks amazing on a table And hello, in July when it's hot, yeah, you're gonna want this salad To start, you just wanna marinate some chicken Chicken breasts are something you always have so it's easy to pull out of the freezer and use for this

To marinate, I'm totally gonna do this in a plastic bag Why? Because it's really easy Two, you can squeeze out all the air so it marinates a little quicker Three, yes, I am totally Earth-conscious and hate to use too many plastic bags, so guess what? I'm totally going all grandma on this I always wash out my bags and reuse them as often as I can

Add some lemon juice Yeah, it's quite a bit, but you really want that acidity and that flavor to get in there Some oil I'm just using olive oil You can use whatever oil you want, but I like the flavor of the olive oil

Some salt and pepper Mmhmm, yeah, you want both And some smashed garlic cloves I love to smash 'em up It releases their flavor and you don't have to chop 'em up

And you don't get any pieces of garlic on there that are gonna burn on the grill Once you have that marinade ready to go, just put your chicken cutlets right into the marinade Press out all the air, zip it up about the whole way, leave a little bit, press out the air, zip it up the rest of the way, and put it right into the fridge Since there's a lot of acidity in this, you only want it to marinate, like, thirty minutes to an hour If it goes too much longer, it could actually make the texture of the chicken mushy

So, thirty minutes to an hour That's it Also, that's nice because it makes it quick Once it's marinated, you can just take it to the grill with a few lemons Just halve a couple lemons and then take 'em out to the grill with it

That's right, we're grillin' lemons here, people It's gettin' crazy Once your grill is heated up, you can just add your chicken breasts and you're lemons So why am I grilling lemons? Great question One, it really heats them up so they're gonna juice really easily into the dressing

Two, it actually adds some smoky, charred flavor so the dressing is gonna be like on point, over-the-top, amazing! Yeah, why wouldn't you? Your grill is on anyway Once the chicken has great grill marks and it's getting a little bit cooked on the one side, turn it over, do the same thing Once your lemons are starting to get charred and really start exuding their juices, just take 'em off and set 'em on your baking sheet to cool Remove them when they're grilled and register 160 degrees Wanna make sure to cook 'em to temp

Pull 'em off and let 'em rest Bring 'em in and let 'em cool off as you prepare the dressing For the dressing, either use a blender or an immersion blender My immersion blender is easier and easier to clean up, so totally doin' that Add that grilled lemon juice, some fresh lemon zest, little bit of Dijon mustard

Yeah, any dressing needs some mustard Some agave syrup or honey It just depends what I have on hand Either one works Some salt and pepper

Of course some oil I'm just using a neutral oil here, which for me is usually safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, something like that And then some Greek yogurt This is gonna make it a creamier dressing, but without, like, too much cream Just adds a nice, tangy, creaminess to it

You could of course do sour cream too Blend that up until it is all combined and emulsified And then add your poppy seeds I mean, this is lemon poppy seed dressing Why do we add lemons and poppy seed together to everything? I don't know, but we do, and what else are you gonna do with those poppy seeds that are in your cabinet when you made those lemon poppy seed muffins one time? Yeah, might as well just add 'em and start usin' 'em

Stir that together and you are ready to go For the salad, you're really just assembling Put a big pile of spinach in a bowl, pour the dressing over the top I like to dress my spinach before I serve it because then you make sure to coat it really well Stir it together, just toss it, make sure it's evenly coated in that wonderful dressing

Seriously guys, it's really good It's like tangy, sweet, sour, sweet, so good Put it onto a large platter, top it with all the berries you can think of: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, you could do blackberries Whatever berry, it's gonna be delicious Then put on some feta because feta is delicious

If you think: "I don't like feta" No, no, no You just haven't tried it with the right things This feta really plays up with this because you get the sweetness of the berries, the sourness of the lemons, and then tanginess of the feta Guys, my mouth is watering Slice your chicken up

I just like to do it on a diagonal Make it all good lookin' and put it right down the center To finish this, drizzle on some more of that dressing right over the chicken It really plays up that flavor and then serve it up This screams summer

It is absolutely delicious The berries are bursting with flavor, the chicken is moist, juicy, and perfectly cooked, you get flavor of the grill What could be more wonderful for summer? Nothing! If you agree, make sure to like, share, subscribe For the recipe, go to the description box For more awesome recipes, visit wyseguide

com where you're gonna see way too much of me And until next time, happy summer!

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