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Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 577


[UltraVid id=380 ]hi guys Laura Vitale and on this episode of Laura in the kitchen I want to show you how to make a grilled chicken Caesar salad now I know that sounds like really is that what you’re showing me but listen it can be one of the most delicious salads you’ll eat if I think if it’s done right you got make a really good dressing select good greens marinate the chicken a little bit and just want to pull it all together it’s like just delicious let me take you already ingredients so we can get started you’re going to need some lean boneless skinless chicken breast it’s been pounded thinly balsamic vinegar fresh garlic some dried rosemary this is some salt free steak seasoning this is going to be for your chicken marinade you also need some oyster sauce Dijon mustard additional garlic some really good kind of really good parmigiano anchovy paste lemon extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper that’s when you for the actual dressing and then of course you’re gonna need some salad greens and I feel additional things which we’ll go into in a bit but let’s get started the first thing we’re gonna work on is marinating the chicken because I think chicken can be sold and if there’s nothing to it if it’s not even cooked right now sometimes when I go and get a grilled chicken Caesar salad and it’s topped with a cold piece of like rubbery chicken that you know isn’t frozen it’s so disappointing because something as simple as a salad should really be done properly now anyway let’s get going I’ve got a pestle and mortar here because I’m going to take my salt free seasoning and my dried rosemary I’m just gonna I’m just gonna pound this out until I can kind of break up the rosemary a bit and you can use fresh rosemary if you want to I find it to be a little overpowering and also whenever I buy steak seasoning you want to make sure you buy a salt free because sometimes it’s so salty that a little bit can kind of ruin your dish so I always like to be able to control how much salt goes into my finished dish so it’s crushing this up and also releases the flavor as well that looks good smells fantastic put the run in there build your marinade and then we’ll add our chicken I’ve got a clove of garlic and I’m just going to grate right in and anytime you greet garlic rather than chop it the flavor is 10 times stronger so trust me one clove is going to go a long long way I’m going to add a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar this not only adds flavor but since about some balsamic vinegar is really nice and sweet what this does is help caramelize the chicken really well but give the flavor some extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper I’m cooking up some extra chicken today because I am the person that whenever I’m cooking world chicken I have to cook the whole package even if it’s just my husband and I because I love cold chicken out of the fridge like to snack on hey my strange probably but I love it and this is one of the things that if I ask my husband like oh honey what do you want for lunch order one for dinner a lot of the times you’ll say girl chicken Caesar salad so trust me when I tell you it’s good it’s really good add the chicken right in and then just coat it in your marinade all right now set this aside to kind of marinate a little bit as we work on the dressing now I’ve done just like a plain Caesar salad here and Laura in the kitchen what over a year ago I think this is the same dressing I use then it’s the same dressing I use now and it’s the same dressing I’ll use for the rest of my life because I love it and I despise store-bought Caesar dressing I feel like it smells like feet because it’s like I think they’re not using very good quality cheese so it just smells awful and I’m not a big fan so I always always always make it at home so I’m going to measuring cup here just easy I’ve got some Dijon mustard and some anchovy paste now if you’re not like a big anchovy fan don’t worry you will not taste tasted here but it does give you a salt eNOS that you don’t get any other way so I had one in and I don’t add any wrong egg yolks to this just because I use my new John muster is my emulsifier and I don’t think it’s necessary and I also don’t like advising it because unless your eggs are really good then you can get sick grate in some garlic add in some Worcestershire sauce Worcestershire where’s the Shearer you should shy or icy or she or I don’t care just the way I say it I’m going to some lemon juice me grab my knife do it over your finger so you can catch all the seeds that looks good okay let’s just give this a head start alright now what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna grate a good amount of parmigiano in here again use the best you can afford just because it really does make a world of a difference let scrape that right in and then just drizzle in your extra-virgin olive oil and lastly just season it with a little salt and pepper and your dressing is completely done now I’m going to set this aside cleanup preheat my little grill pan here and get going on killing the chicken actually cooked I’ve got my grill pan preheating between medium and medium-high heat since my chicken breast is pounded so thinly I can cook it at a slightly higher temperature because I don’t have to worry about the inside taking forever to cook i drizzled it just with a little bit of olive oil and now i’m just gonna put that right on and then just let it cook don’t touch it until what’s ready to be slick otherwise it’s not gonna be pretty and you’re gonna make a mess out of your chicken you’re gonna tear it and that’s not fun I think I can squeeze one more on here I love how I always make a mess clean as you go boom today I always say otherwise you’re stuck with a ton of things to do later and you don’t want to do that and that’s how I keep it clean as I go all right I’m going to let that go for about five to six minutes on each side until it’s fully cooked through and then we’ll get ready to move it on to the one on the last and final step my chicken cooked for about five to six minutes on each side and as you can see it’s got a beautiful caramelized color and that helps from it’s coming from the balsamic vinegar because they’re sugar in it so – thumbs up for that one now while my I saw a grill pan here so I might as well just toast up some baguette pieces instead of doing traditional cartons I’m just gonna nestle these right here and this grill pan get them nice and toasted and actually I think anyway they look better on a plane set up being croutons a little bit fancier now traditionally for a Caesar salad you would use romaine lettuce and you absolutely can I just have this look at this sides beautiful mix here of these mixed greens and I just I mean why would I use romaine when I have that so that’s what I’m using and I always always always always always stress that you don’t overdress it you just drizzle your greens just a little bit to moisten them and then you serve the rest of your dressing you know at the table so the greens don’t get all wilted and ugly and things like that so just kind of mix these a little bit with two forks just like that I’m going to grab myself a plate wait for the baguette to be perfectly toasted and we are going to be able to give this a taste bread is I’m just gonna make myself a plate but some of your dressed greens I mean look at that why would you want to drown it and dressing to the point where they’re soggy and there’s nothing left to them thanks but no thanks like them just like this now I have to have a horrible day with my grilled chicken Caesar salad it’s absolutely crucial I can’t get this in the open oh well so we have there we go you guys know how I make my hard-boiled eggs I just place them in a pan cover them with water bring to a boil I let them sit in there and boiling water for about a minute and then cover the pot let them sit in ten minutes cold run them under cold water and they’re done no green weird yolk around take a piece of my chicken breast and then I just cut it like so put that right up top a couple pieces of my baguette and that oops not my friend is a salad to be proud of oh I need a fork mouth is like please feed me excited about this you could drizzle more dressing on top if you want it to not as perfect hmm it’s like I mean it’s a meal on its own it’s impressive enough then you can throw this together last minute if you’ve got some girlfriends coming around or if you want to make a light a satisfying dinner I hope you give this one a try go to to get this recipe I hope I’ve enjoyed spending time with me hello see you you

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