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Grilled Chili Mangoes



Summer should be simple and that's exactly what this is Grilled chili mango is exactly like it sounds

Peeled fresh mango, sprinkled with some chili powder, a little bit of cayenne for heat, and some lime juice, quickly grilled just to give it that sear and the flavor, then finished off with some lime zest, little bit more juice, little bit of cilantro, and you are ready to serve a perfect side at your next summer brunch This couldn't be any easier, any more summer, and it's all coming up on today's Wyse Guide! In the summer, I look for things that exude the essence of summer I mean, yeah, sounds easy, but why not pick simple things that have a lot of great flavor and just enhance them slightly so you can serve 'em up really quickly One time I was at this awesome farmer's market and I loved that one of the vendors just put a huge mango on a stick I actually don't know how they got the stick in there because the pit is really big, but then they just doused the whole thing in chili powder, some lime, I don't know what all flavors, but then they just ate it right off the stick

I loved it and ever since, I've been craving it So this is exactly the flavors I'm looking for, simplified just a little bit so you can serve it up to anyone who comes over for a brunch, lunch, snack It really doesn't matter because this is good all the time To start, you just wanna peel some mango Make sure you get fresh mango and you might wanna let 'em ripen a few days at home

They wanna be slightly soft to the touch, but firm You don't want a bruised and gross mango 'cause then it's just not gonna grill well and just kinda go gross Once you have 'em peeled all the way around, you can just slice them Mango are not the easiest to slice because what you don't see inside is this huge pit You can't take it out like do an avocado, which would be so nice

Instead, you have to start at the top and horizontally make a big slice down the side This is gonna give you one big piece of mango And then you can do the same to the other side With the rest of it, you can kind of chop it up into little pieces and eat it or just suck it off the pit because it's really good But you won't get any more nice pieces

Once all your mango is prepared, you can just put skewers on it Now, you totally don't have to do the skewers I just like it because then it's a way to serve it You can put it in the middle of a large brunch spread or any kind of table you're having and people can grab it with the skewers I'm putting two in because it's kinda slippery, and that way you can make sure you can really grab it and it won't just slip off the skewer

Once they're all on skewers and on the pan, you can just drizzle them with some oil I'm just using a neutral oil, which for me is gonna be safflower oil or sunflower oil, otherwise you can just do a vegetable oil Once you kinda spread that oil around evenly, you can top it with some lime juice Just squeeze that lime right over the top These flavors play so well together with the sharpness of the lime, but then the sweetness of that mango, It just makes your mouth have that, like, perfect pucker-y taste

Sprinkle on a little bit of salt, then some cayenne pepper Now, you can go crazy with this if you want to and if you know anything about me, ya know I go crazy I love the cayenne I love the heat Cayenne won't give you a ton of flavor, but it gives you some awesome heat

So, to supplement that with more flavor, I put chili powder on 'cause then you get that really good chili flavor Once the chili is on, you can just go out and grill this Turn the grill up to high, let it really start to smoke, and then just sear these off The two skewers make it much easier to put these onto the grill, so just line 'em up down the center and they won't slip anywhere Once you get the grill marks, really that's all you're looking for because that's gonna be some flavor, pull them off

You might need a spatula as well because they could be a little soft from the grill Place 'em back onto that pan and then bring 'em inside Once they're cooled off, you can just finish these however you want I like to put 'em on a platter, put a little bit of fresh lime zest over the top, a little bit of chopped cilantro I don't know why, but cilantro plays perfectly with these chili flavors

I mean, hello Chili, cilantro, it just makes sense And yes, if you don't like cilantro, leave it off But having that pop of green is really nice too People can grab these, serve 'em up, they are gonna love them! They're that sweet heat treat that you just love to have and you crave more

Once you try these, I know you're gonna be in love If you agree, make sure to like, share, subscribe For the recipe, go to the description box and for more awesome recipes, visit wyseguidecom Yeah, that's me Until next time, see ya soon

Source: Youtube

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