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Grilled Dinosaur Ribs With Chimichurri By Ryan Scott | Rachael Ray Show



So let's jump into this guy Now this is a beef back rib

So if you ever get prime rib at a restaurant and you see the rib that's connected to the prime rib Right, so let's make this one And what I'm doing with these beef ribs is I'm doing a chimichurri marinade Lovely So we're gonna marinate it in this really great marinade here

So would you chop the herbs for me Rach? Sure okay, so I have right here some parsley and some cilantro, in here About a 50, 50 mix yes? Yeah cut that lemon in half for me too please if you don't mind

So what I like to do is I like to break up the shallot, or garlic, when I'm making a marinade, first, with the lemon juice first It takes away a little bit of that sharpness that you get from raw onion Take some red wine vinegar it gives it that kinda really High acidity Gives it that pop, okay And I put sweet paprika inside my chimichurri I like the spice from that A little bit of dried oregano, and then thank goodness Rachel has amazing knife skills

Chop those and pop them in there Got ya sir What you're gonna do is some S and P S and P If I learned from my girlfriend here watch, boom

Over the shoulder Over the shoulder So we're gonna add a little bit of olive oil here Olive oil So what's cool about this is you have a marinade plus you have a dressing

So you have both combined So what I do is I take half this mixture and I'm gonna go ahead and marinate these ribs here So Rach, put half of that on there or just Well look we got two so we don't even have to worry Exactly We gotta double, we doublin' down So this is really great on fish, scallops, you name it so we're gonna season You can use it on anything On anything Yeah So take half of it, smear it on there and here's the thing, if you don't have a barbecue and you have an indoor one this is the best trick to get really tender delicious ribs

I have the oven set over here Rach, about 250 degrees, roughly around four hours So the cool thing about this is if you were worried about them getting burnt Right Don't worry about that at all because I have them right here If you're afraid of them getting burnt wrap 'em in some foil and just slow bake 'em that way Now (audience applauds) watch this

So these go directly on the grill Mmmmm They go directly on the grill and what I do is I have a little bit of beef stock here Already so delicious Oh my god

So you don't want these to dry out so a little bit of beef stock is gonna add moisture So you take the ribs and you hit 'em with a little bit of more stock and what you're doing Oh it's a sexy beast

So what I wanna do is I wanna take this chimichurri mixture hit Oh, ridiculous these warm ribs Here you go Rach do me a favor there girl Look at that (audience cheers)

Source: Youtube

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