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Grilled Garlic Bread Recipe | Featured on Live with Kelly & Ryan | Cait Straight Up



Hey guys you're watching Cait Straight Up and I'm Caitlin and today is an extra special day because I am filming this video right now right after getting back from the filming Kelly and Ryan that if you followed on me on Instagram you heard about last week yes that is correct I, Caitlin Gola from Cait Straight Up Cooking got to be featured in the fan foodie challenge on Kelly and Ryan and I could not be more excited to celebrate that that is such a cool win if you think back a couple of weeks to my steak dinner on a stick video with a wonderful steak kabob that we made with brussels sprouts a potato bread onion and mushrooms that is the recipe that I got to make with Kelly and Ryan and it was so much fun honestly it was a blast like a total whirlwind it was amazing so first off thank you to everyone who tunes in to Cait straight up for you know helping me get my recipes out there so cheers to you guys we are celebrating here tonight that's amazing if you happen to catch Kelly and Ryan on Friday and see me cook my steak dinner on a stick then you know that i served it with a delicious grilled garlic bread so i realized that i have not made that recipe here for you guys on Cait straight up so I'm going to whip it up for you today so that you can make it at home it couldn't be easier there's so few ingredients but honestly Kelly Ripa told me that it was amazing and she really liked it so I mean I don't even know how I'm ever gonna come down from cloud 9 but you guys gotta try this recipe at home we're gonna start with a nice loaf of bread if you have a nice thick ciabatta anything that is a nice thick bread that we could toss on the grill and you're just gonna slice some thicker portions anywhere between a half inch to an inch I mean you know how we roll here it doesn't have to be perfect but you do want to be thick enough so that you could throw it on the grill once you've got your bread slices to work with there are literally only a few other ingredients we have a little bit of olive oil here and in that we're gonna put a garlic paste a garlic paste works best here you can substitute for a granulated garlic but I like to use a garlic paste it kind of just brushes right on your bread so then we're just gonna give it a nice whisk so it's nice and mixed together it's time to brush on our bread told you this recipe couldn't be easier you're then just gonna brush both sides of your garlic bread with this olive oil garlic mixture make sure that it's on there nice and good you want the garlic flavor you need the olive oil on it and just give it a nice brush and prepare it for the grill now we are gonna toss these onto a really hot grill about 400 450 degrees not every grill has a thermometer so as long as it's nice and hot it will do the trick when they're ready and brushed you're just gonna toss them onto the grill they're gonna cook for about 1 to 2 minutes on each side until you get that nice crisp toasted kind of grill marks on there really is no way to mess up this recipe other than burning it so make sure that you watch your bread like I said about a minute or two on each side so you get that toasted look to it and you got those nice grill marks and then honestly dig in cuz it's really freaking good so as you can see this bread goes great with a kabob so any kabobs are skewer recipe that you're making at home mice eat dinner on a stick it is the perfect compliment so guys right now it is Tuesday and there's only one more day for you to vote for me to win the fan foodie challenge for the skewer category so all the links are below this video every way that you can vote please please please please please wouldn't you want to see Cait straight up win the skewers category get down there get on those links make sure to vote voting ends tomorrow Wednesday so make sure to do that quick and as always guys make sure to subscribe if you haven't already I love hanging out with everybody here in my kitchen literally this is the most fun I have all the time I love it thank you so much to Kelly and Ryan I had a blast and please please please vote for me let's bring home that skewer trophy see you next time guys bye bye

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