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Grilled Lobster Tail Recipe with Garlic Butter (2018)


[UltraVid id=69 ]hi taste Kunal gque BBQ are you looking for the perfect pairing for your rib eye or tenderloin well I’ve got it for you it’s a buttery garlicky lobster tail if you want to see how we do that it’s coming up right now here at GQ barbecue we are all about the grilling and chilling lifestyle that’s something to interest you smash down that subscription button hit that Bell notification and you won’t miss any of our videos we have guests over the house I always like their reaction when I put a beautifully prepared steak and some pretty vegetables in front of them however I get a bigger reaction where I pair that with a lobster tail I always thought lobster tails were pretty difficult before I started cooking them however that couldn’t be further from the truth they are so easy to make today I’m going to show you how to make them on your grill we haven’t made a lot of seafood videos however we’ve made one bourbon bacon-wrapped shrimp that’s absolutely fantastic put it in the iCard up above go ahead and click that to see that I’m also going to put it at the berry into the video [Music] the first thing I’m gonna do is get this garlic butter base going I’m gonna begin it by grabbing one of these half oil pans I’m gonna add about a stick and a half of butter to that I’m then gonna squeeze two lemons in there I’m gonna mince up finally two garlic cloves be sure to get a fine mince I’m also gonna add about a half handful of parsley the parsley is mainly for color cayenne pepper for some kick at as much as you can handle I’m then gonna add some salt since it was unsalted butter and some pepper and get this going on the Weber Kettle we want to get this completely melted down [Music] today’s lobster tails run anywhere between four to five ounces they can get really big these are a little bit on the smaller ends so they’re gonna cook up kind of quick two different ways we can cook them we can cut them in half and cook them in the shell I think that’s a good way to cook them if you’re gonna take the meat out to use the meat in something else like lobster ravioli or something like that today we want these to be presented really nicely on a platter next to a steak or all by themselves so we’re gonna do a cut right down the middle of the show so we can take the meat out so it’ll make a pretty presentation what I want to do is take the scissors cut it all the way down to the fins right here and I’m gonna be really delicate this first kind of section right here you can break these completely off we want the lobster meat to hang over the front and make for a pretty presentation so you can break these this first section off removing all these pieces then you want to be a little bit more delicate as you kind of go through here I find putting my thumb’s in I’m opening them up hear that snap break some open if you get too rough here you can break these shells into little pieces and then you have little bits of shell in your lobster so once you got that take your thumb down on the bottom right here and break the meat away from the shell and then push up on it and then it will release it entirely from the shell and you can pull it up and set it right on top of your lobster shell to make for a beautiful presentation [Music] this garlic butter base is coming along nicely the aromas I’m getting off of this is amazing right now strong notes of acid from the lemon and the garlic it smells absolutely wonderful you can add whatever you like here to the base I’ve tried it before with hot sauce however what I’m showing you guys is just a very simple garlic butter that everyone seems to like please lobster tails are cut up and they look absolutely fantastic I’m going to squeeze some fresh lemon juice over them and then apply some of the rub it’s gonna give it a beautiful color so these lobster tails have this shell underneath them that’s gonna allow them to cook indirectly even though we’re cooking them directly over the the live fire at 350 400 degrees you’re looking at about a minute and a half to two minutes per ounce cooking lobster is very easy very straightforward however like other seafood it’s tightly bound muscle structure and lack of fat makes it less forgiving lobster can go wrong very quickly we want to make sure we cook it no longer than 140 degrees so I’m gonna be checking it with a thermapen these guys are gonna take about eight minutes total to cook we’re gonna let them cook for about three minutes before we start applying the base so these guys have been cooking for about two to three minutes look at the lobster tails themselves look how they went from that really dark color to that beautiful orange that’s gonna look so pretty paired up next to a steak so I’m gonna go ahead and give these guys a base a little trick here is not to actually brush it on there just let it drop on there if you brush it on there and that rubs not set up on there you can brush all that rub off we don’t want to do that [Music] these guys have been cooking for another minute and a half or so I’m gonna apply another round of bass to them I’d say they got about another minute minute and a half to go so we’ll go ahead and hit him with another round of the garlic butter bass look at that doesn’t that look good oh yeah these are gonna taste fantastic I love the color of the shell as they cook how they get nice and bright and orange these guys are coming along nicely white drizzling the garlic butter instead of basting it on there we get to leave all of our rub intact we’re just gonna give it that real pretty color lobster is notoriously known for when you overcook it it gives it a very unpleasant texture so we want to pull these guys right at 140 degrees to ensure we get that delicate soft buttery sweet lobster [Music] here we are 140 so it’s time to pull it so what you can do for a garnish is pick these lemons from the garlic butter put them down on the grate get those beautiful grill marks really gonna make the lobsters pop we use them for garnish [Music] one last application of this garlic butter and then I’m going to take those charred lemons and squeeze some of that lemon juice over there it’s gonna be sweet and it’s gonna really make that lobster come to life [Music] I would give my left arm to have one of those next to a 2-inch thick tomahawk rib eye if you want to see more videos like that go ahead and click my face right there if you want to see that bacon wrap bourbon shrimp that I was telling you about earlier go ahead and click that video right there thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you on the next one

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