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Grilled Otoro Tuna Recipe


[UltraVid id=349 ]welcome back to new video today is a very exciting day I went down to the fish market I found a great piece of bluefin or Toro tuna this is the belly part of the tuna and it’s super fatty and super tendon super juicy and it’s just amazing quality so today I’m going to show you how to respect that and create a delicious dish doing the least amount of effort and not working too hard because when you have a great product like this rich starting product it’s very simple to make it very delicious you just don’t have to mess around too much so I hope you enjoy this let’s get cooking let’s do this okay so here we go this is my beautiful block of Otoro tuna now when you get it from the fish market might come with a skin like this just cut that off and then to start look at this beautiful marbling of fat on this block it’s amazing this quality okay so you’re going to need to cut it into slabs these cuts will be about two centimeters thick that’s four fifth of an inch and just cutting in as many slabs as you can and as evenly as possible now you’re gonna want to remove the top membrane this is what is on the inside of the belly but leave the fat on so just take the membrane off with the least amount of tuna meat as possible now to skewer it we’re going to use some metal skewers and just push it through the bottom fat layer and in through it as evenly as possible and then double up with two now leave a little space in between the two so the fat can render on the second piece and use two skewers so you could easily flip it over okay now to grill it taste it on grill for forty-five seconds on each side and then you’re gonna need to sauce it up now for the sauce you’re gonna need to put four tablespoons of soy sauce with two tablespoons of mirin that’s a sweet rice wine and one teaspoon of sesame seed oil then just mix this together and you’re going to need to base your tuna in this a few times as you’re cooking yeah I’ve cooked it 45 seconds on one side turn it over do that a little bit more on that side and then you’re going to need to baste it so for that you can either take a spoon like this and just pour it over your tuna and just let it drip back into your bowl or you can use a brush this my preferred method but if you don’t have a brush then the school system still works otherwise you’ll spray it on like I did in the video last week okay now place it onto the grill again and again just cook it 45 seconds each side and keep doing this process and you’re gonna cook it for about 4 minutes more or less you don’t need to cook this tuna for long it’s very bad if you overcook things like this because I know end up being dry and you want to be nice and juicy and moist and tender and soft so be very careful not to overcook this plus it is sashimi grade tuna so if it’s a little bit raw on the inside that’s still great fact that’s better ok so place it on your plate once it’s cooked and then you’re gonna baste it one last time okay now for the pumpkin puree I made this beforehand but I’m gonna show you now you just take some pumpkin throw it into some boiling water add a bit of salt for seasoning and you’re gonna cook it for about 20 minutes till it’s nice and tender where that just needs a little bit more and at this point you’re gonna remove most of water like this and they’re gonna add 1 tablespoon of butter then you’re gonna blend this in together and make sure it’s nice and smooth and not too thick without too liquidy if it needs to be a little bit more liquidy add a spoon back of the cooking liquid ok now you’re gonna take a tray and you’re gonna place your plate inside like this and I put a dollop of the pumpkin puree and then smack it with a spoon and the tray just contains that explosion so you don’t make a mess in your kitchen okay now to pay it up just take the tuna off the skewers perfect now I’m going to take one of these slabs place it here on the pumpkin puree splash and then take the other slap and just lean it up against it perfect I’m going to add a little bit of the sauce on top then a couple of drops of lemon juice just two on each stop maximum and a little bit of rock salt followed by some toasted sesame seeds and there you go this is just a delicious plate you don’t even need a knife you can cut this with a spoon that mmm that’s so good it just melts away in your mouth and it’s so funny it’s so delicious it’s got a nice hint of grilled nice because we grilled it and a little bit of soya sauce and just this is amazing but I think a lot of that has to do with a great quality Fisher call yeah so if you do try to make this get the best quality fish you can and you’ll get amazing results like this this is truly delicious and worth giving a try now if you enjoyed this check out some of my other recipes on YouTube and please share this video so I can keep doing this thanks for watching see you the next video goodbye you [Music]

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