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Grilled Pork – Season Closing Special



Let's do it like that You take this one and I'll have those 3

Oh my God Will you eat all of that? You'll have rabbits in your dreams after eating so much Hello, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! How are you, MO? I'm great! It's awesome then What are we making today? We will be marinating pork ham and cooking it in the grill We tried this recipe before, but we're very interested how it will turn out in the grill To prepare the marinade, I'll add salt and pepper to the water

You'll find precice recipe in the link in the description I think I'll chop this in smaller pieces Here we have rosemary It's from your garden, isn't it? It's from mine! Yeah MO always says We always say it's from MO's garden

And this time it's from my place I grew it in my balcony Mhm

It's quality rosemary I have basil too! Oh We're crushing the garlic You won't crush them easily I could let you crush them Heh-heh-heh-heh Like so

We can chop them, MO You can I think it's better if I cut them You have to be really strong to crush them Okay, now I'll put the largest piece to the bottom This recipe is one of my favourites which we have made Its taste really surprised me Layer it like so It will help the marinade to spread even better in the meat Okay, now it's time for another piece Where did you get this cutting board from, MO? I won't tell you this time

I'll say it then Say it I sell such cutting boards and if you would like to get it, I'll leave a link below for you to check out

By buying the cutting board and we can continue making videos It's as simple as that MO's pouring out the remaining liquid Should I pour everything out? Yeah, pour everything out We'll put it in a cold place

It can marinate for 1 or 2 days Yes, nothing will happen to the meat Yeah All we have to do is put it in the cold place Yes, in the cold place

The first stage is done Yes The next stage will be Eating Next to the bonfire Yeah

Heh-heh-heh I'll we need is good weather! Everything else doesn't matter, Romas Good afternoon, grandmother! Hello, little Romas! Okay, so we will continue making our pork chops! Yeah! Mission! Yes, and what are we going to mix? We'll prepare the sauce We'll put in 2 tablespoons of brown sugar 2 tablespoons of chili powder Can you see? Mhm

I won't fool you No That's enough

A little bit more It will be too spicy, Romas That's enough 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder Okay, that's enough for sure

And olive oil We'll see how much of it will need Oh That's enough of it 4 tablespoons at first We will always have time to pour in some more Mhm You can't take it out

We might need more to make We'll make more if needed No problem Of course! We don't want to make too much of it Okay, so here we have our meat which we have been marinating for 2 days, haven't we, MO? Of course you can marinate it for shorter period of time

Dry it off a bit Like so Cover it with marinade on both sides This is how my grandmother is preparing everything Heh-heh-heh

Okay, I can hold the camera just like you and make the food You know, it's rather difficult Of course it's difficult Because it's rather heavy My mouth is drooling, Romas Are you for real? Hah-hah-hah-hah Like that cat's

I'll do a few close-ups of you, MO Don't film in close-up, there's no need to show warts and all What are we going to do now? We'll leave it to marinate for a few minutes

Yeah, because I'm going to add more coals to make a larger flame We're adding the meat to grill it Will that be enough for you and Matas to eat? Hah-hah-hah-hah They will be half the size after they are done Let's put on the grill to cook it Yes, like so I'll let you take care of it Okay

I'll take a nap It would probably take an hour or so to grill it completely Yes, yes, 1 hour for sure! MO will take a nap now and I'm left with important task Yes! To look after Heh

Yes To look after it, so it doesn't burn I'll try

What do you have over there? Cucumbers? Yes Our fermented cucumbers Oh come on

They are pickled Show them How can I show you them? I don't know where they are They are near you Oh The jar is really wet, Romas, I won't put it on the table These are which have made recently Yeah, yeah If you want, I'll leave a

In the link You haven't made it yet What can you leave if you haven't made it yet? I will have made the cucumber video once this video is up Yeah

And You have to do these cucumbers first, Romas You are fermented

Okay, Romas, our meat is done now Look how nice it looks! They are really nice, but do you see how small they are now? Yes, they shrank indeed Here you are, Mister

Mhm I will eat everything here How many will you eat and how will I eat? Oh come on

You are real eater Okay, that's it Let's try them I'm like a monster, if the food is really good, you know Yeah, yeah, everyone know that you are a monster Leave it like that, don't clean it

[Inaudible] I think I'll take the top off No Yeah, okay, take the top off

I can give you gloves I can take it off Jesus Christ, look how it's burning

Be careful not to drop any sugar to the grill, because it will burn with black fumes Okay, ahh Okay, that's it, let's I will put my camera here

Prepare it For what? So it shows both of us, MO Look at my chair from MO's times! From kindergarten times Probably from your kindergarten times Yes Is it bad? "From my kindergarten times" How do they say I have to take off my hat, don't I? Of course you are not a jew, are you? Okay, where do I drop it? Over there Everything's here

I'm waiting with excitement to try it As I said we made this recipe before, but we really wanted to how it turns out in the You know

In the grill Yes, in the grill Yeah

Take it Which one you wanted? This one? Maybe this one Or this one? Yes, this one

It has more meat This one? Yeah Okay Don't show Okay, that's good Cut it Your hands are stronger, so you cut it Okay

Serve your old grandmother There's some fat here It will be very good Here's a piece for you Okay

You can have this larger one I'll have this piece, it will be enough for me Mhm Okay It's good

Mhm It's tender and cooked The cucumbers will go well here All we need is one thing What? Heh-heh

Don't you know how they finish the season? Mhm You can taste the spices Yeah

MO and I finished summer season There will be no more videos There will be Hah-hah-hah The potatoes have been dug up Hah The cucumbers have been fermented Pickled What are you fermenting here? Thank you, viewers for watching! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel, comment and like on our video And of course huge thanks for those who support us via Patron or any other ways By supporting our channel you have us make videos and show you new recipes

And also buy new equipment such as microphones or something different Thank you! And until next time! Bye! Until next time! Let's do it like that You take this one and I'll have those 3 Oh my God Will you eat all of that? You'll have rabbits in your dreams after eating so much There're plenty of hours before I go to sleep

Oh come on Will you eat all of that? [Looks suspiciously in Lithuanian] Aren't they shouting in my yard? I don't know

I can check it out Check it out F*ck "The Queen!" Go through the trees, Romas

I will see it from here How can you see if there is someone by the house? There's no one there Here we have a small surprise

Heh-heh-heh Cooked apples There had been some coals left, so I tried grilled the apples

I'll bring them to you, MO, soon What will you bring to me? Apples? Mhm Finish eating, so we could try them This red one which you picked should be tasty! Yeah Let's scratch this part a bit, MO

Hah-hah-hah Wait a little bit, I'll use the knife Here we have some pulp to try

How did you come up with this idea? It's good! "It's good!" Try it and then tell me It's not completely done, is it? Mhm Mhm It's burned and that's it I can taste burned parts a bit

Hah-hah-hah Don't eat those parts then Oh It's so sour

Hah Maybe this is winter apple, Romas It looks like winter apple I'll cut it in half I'll try different apple now

I like this one more Try for yourself Here It's not done yet It's also hard

You know it's like an experiment You should have cooked it for a bit longer "Experiment"

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