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Grilled Pork Steaks On The Weber Grill | Smoked BBQ Pork Steaks Recipe



today on Baum Grillin'z we're making some pork steaks hey everyone welcome to Baum Grillin'z where we create recipes in a fun and entertaining way if you like what we're doing here make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell button so you can be notified every time we upload a new recipe or go live all right we got a cook for you today so let's get into it all right today we are cooking up some pork steaks we're gonna be smoking them for about an hour lather them in some barbecue sauce these things are gonna be excellent so let's just get right into what we're gonna be using and how we're gonna set it all up and how we're gonna prepare it so let's do it all right so we got some pork steaks and we want them about an inch thick don't go any thinner what is a pork steak glad you asked it actually comes from the pork butt not that kind of pork butt! despite its colorful name it actually doesn't come from anywhere near the rear of the pig it comes from the shoulder area and it's better known as the Boston butt why is it called the "Boston butt" time for a history lesson ok so back in the colonial times the butchers would put the least desirable cuts of meat in barrels for transporting these barrels that the pork was packed into we referred to as butts so these less desirable cuts of meat were cut in a certain way in the Boston area and then packed into the butts for shipping this shoulder cut became known around the country as a Boston specialty and hence it became the Boston butt alright now that that's out of the way and you got yourself your pork steaks let's go ahead and season them so what we have here is we have a homemade rub I'll leave the recipe down in the description this rub is a traditional st Louis rib rub and it tastes great so make sure you give it a try all right so just take your rub and rub it into them pork steaks once you got one side coated make sure you flip it over and do the other these things are gonna have so much flavor when we're done it's gonna be delicious okay now that our seasonings all rubbed into our pork steaks we're gonna throw them onto the grill we're gonna smoke these pork steaks at 275 to 300 degrees for about an hour make sure you keep an eye on your smoke level if you need to go ahead and add some more wood chips to keep that smoke rolling we want that smoke just to soak into them pork steaks all right so they've been smoking for about an hour we're looking for a target temperature of 150 that looks good let's go ahead and pull them off now what we're gonna do is we're gonna reverse sear these pork steaks so let's set the grill up to do that now I'm gonna add some lump charcoal to really make things hot the hotter the better so we're shooting for 400 degrees or more oh yeah you're only gonna need to sear them for a minute or two go ahead and give it a flip that looks great are you hungry yet all right let's throw that last one on there give that a nice sear lock in that flavor all right we're gonna set our grill up for indirect cooking once again I'm gonna take out that sear grate and put in a cold great now we're gonna place our pork steaks on the cold side of the grill and then we're gonna hit them with some barbecue sauce all right for today's cook we're gonna be using Famous Dave's barbecue sauce this is their sweet and zesty and it tastes really good whatever your favorite barbecue sauce is go ahead and use it we're just gonna smother them pork steaks and barbecue sauce once you've got a nice coat on the top side you're gonna want to close the lid for about five minutes and let that barbecue sauce thicken up then what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and flip them and we're gonna do it again we want that barbecue sauce to just get real nice and thick and gooey now we're looking for an internal temperature of about 180 once you're there you're good to go okay so they are all ready let's pull them out and we'll let them sit for a minute kind of rest these things look so good can they smell excellent that is a pork steak right there all right we'll let them sit for just a second here and then we'll tear into it okay those pork steaks are done and they look and smell fantastic so we're going to give them a try but before I do that if you guys enjoy this video please give me a thumbs up give it a good old like smash that like button and if you enjoy what we're doing here at Baum Grillin'z please consider subscribing anyways let's dig into it oh yeah that looks excellent let's give this thing a taste wow that's good that is really good that barbecue sauce is super good if you guys haven't tried dave's it's really good you can find it just about anywhere give it a shot it definitely works really well on some pork steaks all right there you have it pork steaks these things are fantastic I mean when you combine those three different things when you you smoke them and then you lock in all those juices by reverse searing it and then you let it sit there and you let the barbecue sauce kind of thicken up and kind of get sticky that is a winning combination that is an excellent way to make a pork steak pork steaks done this way that's the only way to do it I mean this is amazing that's really good I hope you guys enjoy this video if you haven't already please give it a big ol thumbs up comment down below what you guys think of it please enjoy some more of my videos they're gonna pop up over here and just check out the other videos that I got anyways thank you guys for watching Baum Grillin'z out!

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