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Grilled Potato Recipe – Learn How to Grill Potatoes Perfectly!


[UltraVid id=136 ]on behalf our meals calm I’m here with Rodney bars and he’s going to show us how to prepare and grill a potato one potato two potato three potato four five potato six potato seven potato more I’m going to cut right there how we cut in this we’re cutting this you want to cut the potato about a half an inch thick because he is not cut it too thin where it just disintegrates on the grill they’re like a scalloped potato you will the cut you don’t want to cut like a scallop yeah well scalp tails like a really good hair and just yeah chips so you want it good if you get that you can get it it’s a good more than 1/4 is 1/2 an inch thick and then really what do potatoes go well with to go well with what is that bill no one more time parsley sage Flynn in it and time help me out here you were in a Simon Garfunkel fan parsley sage rosemary rosemary I knew that I was married did you wash your hands in it sometimes did you do rosemary so Broz Maria there’s a herb of herbs epic fail epic fail subjects we’re all there listen salt and pepper a little bit of olive oil and one of my favorite things to do again smash a little bit of garlic toss it in there the whole meal and let that sit for make sure all the olive oil covers the potato or else we’ll go brown right I’ll let it sit for a couple minutes so let marinate let it marinate yeah not a long time just a minute or two while you get the grill nice and hot we’re gonna hit out the grill and we’re gonna grill these to perfection amazing well let’s go to the grill then let’s do it to the grill to the grill okay we’re here with the potatoes the spuds and we’re going to put them on the grill make sure real is hot extra hot so these have been marinating for a couple of minutes you notice they’re not brown at all the olive oil sort of you know kept them ready to go leaving looking ready to go Rosemary’s on there oh rosemary smell the garlic obviously the salt and pepper and same thing we’re going to get the rosemary right on that grill we’re gonna let the neighbors know what we’re up there and we’re gonna put the garlic right in the middle there as well never thought it was actually putting rape in that right over there why don’t you think like I fall through whatever it doesn’t really matter on a bigger larger barbecue you might where the grates are few and far between but here we just put these on turn the barbecue the medium eight which is integral right because we don’t want to scorch or burn the potatoes because meat is not bad but when you burn a potato it is an acrid awful smell right so you’re saying he’s bringing the heat up on it right beginning and then you bring your heat down once you put the photos actually you want to get a little bit of a skin you know that crispy yeah yeah and then olive oil is going to make that happen a lot quicker so then when it’s finished along does it take you to finish the entire thing how do you know start to finish depending on how thick you cut them the quarter-inch that happens like we did yeah eight to ten minutes perfectly so we’re gonna close a little on this use it as an oven go hang out threw the frisbee place and bocce ball where we go oh here we go potatoes Oh potatoes look at those delicious stuffing you say potato I say potato I say garlic and rosemary you get that garlic and put it on toast yeah spread on potato spread on potato that’s right so you can see you got a wonderful grill on them yeah like you can just yeah man it’s a gorgeous grill these things would be great just to put on the side of steak you know what for a little bit of mayo or a little bit of sour cream in here some fresh green onion you got yourself a grilled potato salad or alongside any meat fish it’s gonna be hot very hot it’s very tasty very don’t lose it home mmm-hmm grilled potatoes who would’ve thunk root and fire a half our meals calm

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