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Grilled Salmon | Honey Balsamic Grilled Salmon on Cedar Planks Grilled on Big Green Egg


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Have a look at this “Grilled Salmon | Honey Balsamic Grilled Salmon on Cedar Planks Grilled on Big Green Egg” video below:

Grilled Salmon Recipe on Big Green Egg with Honey Balsamic Glaze

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To grill Salmon, I start with 3 pieces of salmon filet weighing about 4-6oz each. For seasoning I’m using my Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub -…..(read more)


  1. Malcolm, I have watched so many of your videos. I love the way you present how to BBQ Right!! You tell us what you going to do, you do it, and then you tell us what you did! The perfect presentation every time!!
    Thanks for giving us inspiration to feed our families awesome food!!

  2. This is a bit of a late response but how would you suggest I cook this on a pellet grill? Same way on planks? same temp? Thank you

  3. Hi friends. I am health conscious and trying to create a garlic, light butter and lemon juice version of plank salmon. Do you all recommend I cook it any different than he is cooking it if I do it my way? Should I cook it on a lower setting longer to get more smoke flavor? What do you all think? Thanks

  4. If you want REAL salmon (not farm raised, like what he’s using), try to get your hands on Copper River salmon. Costco will have it when it’s in season. Grab it when you can, well worth the extra money. NO comparison to farmed salmon.

  5. Will the fish ruin the grill taste for future beef, pork& poultry cooks? I was told that you should use a different grill for seafood. Any advice would be appreciated. Thx!

  6. With all do respect, love this channel…..But, from a fisherman, unless you caught the fish yourself…you better hope it was frozen at some point….That is a fact of any seafood.

  7. OMG! OMG! OMG! That's all I heard during dinner! OH EM GEE!

    We smoked a fresh salmon from Costco using this recipe today. It was unbelievable! Hands down the best salmon I have ever, EVER had!

    My wife loved it so much, that I think she fell in love with me all over again!

    Malcom, you're the best! I love your channel! Thanks for all the great advice and recipes you given me over the years!

  8. looks great! Your 100% right about getting salmon fresh, I live in Oregon so we are privileged with pretty much always having super fresh salmon, but when its old or been frozen for too long it's BAD really BAD!

  9. Malcolm, you are the greatest. Your presentation is EZ to follow and crystal clear. I bought a Kamado Pit Boss a few months ago and you have made grilling come alive for us. I can't thank you enough……. although our food budget has gone up about 20%…. 🙂

  10. Love this recipe Malcom!! 2nd time cooking it for the wife and I. Literally cooking it now on the egg!! Thanks for all your amazing recipes. I definitely look to you for great egg meals!!

  11. Man! I just did this recipe tonight. I've never had much success at grilling salmon. This was honestly some of the best salmon I've ever had. And that includes any fancy restaurants I've been to. The reduction sauce was the perfect complement. I would have never thought to do this on my own.

    The other day I found your channel by accident. I had typed in a Google search for filling a propane tank and YouTube suggested one of your videos. I live grilled foods so what the heck. I watched your video. Then i watched another and another. I could feel my mouth water just watching you taste your different recipes. I literally couldn't take any more. I jumped in my truck, went to the store and bought a couple of ribeyes.

    You are a master at what you do. It's clear that you love it. I can see your passion in your videos. I just know that if i cook any of your recipes, it's gonna be good. You're my new cooking hero. I wish you the best success.

    Bu the way… if you're running out of ideas for videos, I'd like to make a couple suggestions…

    1. Pheasant! Most people make it in a stew or something or a cream sauce. But i think a grilling genius like yourself could come up with some good ways to grill pheasant.
    2. Cornish game hens. For a single guy, it's the perfectly sized one person meal.
    3. Grilled vegetables. Although most people watching your channel are basically carnivores, some grilled vegetables would be a great complement to your other recipes. Also… most of us men are pure meat eaters, but many of our wives are more into some good vegetables. Keeping the wife happy is important to successful grilling!
    4. Maybe something a bit more exotic like rabbit? That would be cool the the guys that hunt.

    Just a few thoughts!

    Happy grilling!

  12. A point of advice for your future videos….get a lapel mike. Do not depend on the mike that comes with the cam. The echo is terrible! It sounds like you are working in your bathroom.

  13. I just made this dish this evening with a few small modifications. It was honestly one of the top 5 salmon meals I have ever had. I used black pepper instead of red pepper and I also chopped up about 2 cloves of garlic and added about 1 extra tablespoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of molasses in the glaze. For seasoning the salmon instead of my BBQ rub, I used kosher salt, black pepper, garlic salt, and sprinkled parsley over the top of the salmon.

  14. I made this recently for my sister and brother- in- law, first time ever, and was it so damn good! It was requested a second time a few weeks later from them. STILL so damn good! They both said they never had salmon taste like this and would have had to pay a lot of money if they ordered this out, and it wouldn't have tasted any where NEAR as delicious. Thanks for recipe! Rave reviews for my grillin' !!

  15. Just finished up, lots of flavors! I had a very large piece of salmon so had to adjust the cook time, hardest part as usual was being patient getting the egg to temp and not jumping in too soon when it pops to 300

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