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Grilled Smoked Beef Tri Tip – Keto Diet Recipe Friendly



hey everybody welcome back to my channel today we're going to be cooking tri-tip on the Green Mountain wood pellet grill when you use fruit wood pellets and we're gonna start out with two these are approximately pound and a half tri-tip so first thing we want to do is we got these at room temperature we just want to kind of dry them off here just want it so there's not too much extra moisture on here now the first thing we're gonna do is start out with some garlic powder just give it a nice generous coat of garlic powder both of them and we're gonna do the same for both sides so we're gonna finish up on each side first I'm going to use a little bit of Lawry's seasoned salt not too much just just a little bit just enough to get a Lawry's seasoned salt flavor and we're going to use some Weber's classic barbecue rub I use this use the same basically recipe on a beef tenderloin actually I got a video coming for that so check that out the beef tenderloin actually turned out delicious so we got a good rub on here now we're going to flip them over and basically do the same thing to the other side so like I said it's garlic powder never go wrong with garlic unless you don't like garlic Lawry's seasoned salt and once we get this done we're going to let these sit for probably you know close to an hour before we get them on the grill and we're cooking these again for temperature not for time today so we want to cook these like them nice and you know somewhere around nice and medium and that'll that'll put the wrong the edges they'll be nice and medium well if we do that and but we're cooked into about 135 so 135 degrees is when we get these on the grill we'll put the temperature thermometer in there and cook to 135 so there you are nicely seasoned I like to mop up all this extra stuff and put on there so let these set for a little bit and we'll get them on the grill in about an hour and get them cooking okay so these guys have been marinating for about an hour and I'm gonna get him on the knot the Green Mountain first I'm gonna put him on a different grill this is my just my regular propane grill I'm gonna put him on here real quick because I want to sear them I want to get a nice little sear on these so throw them on here real quick get a real nice sear on them probably uh – 2 minutes aside this grill is at close to 400 degrees right now so a couple minutes aside we'll get a good sear on them and we'll put them on the green mountain grill okay so I flipped these Tatem on about two minutes aside look at that that's a nice looking sear right there just some good grill marks on this grill and we're gonna get these on the green mountain okay so about to put these on the green mountain got the temperature thermometer in the thickest part of the meat here get that incense so we're gonna put these on and again like I said we're cooking to temperature so that meat is currently about 80 degrees because it warmed up a little bit when we're searing it so we're gonna cook this to 135 keep them nice and medium and once we take them off we're gonna let it rest for about 10 minutes maybe 15 then we're going to cut in see how these go so we'll be back in just a little bit okay temperature is at 137 I'm gonna go ahead and wrap these up in foil before I before I put them in the cooler to rest and I'm gonna let them rest for about 10 or 15 minutes so I'm just gonna individually wrap them here okay so put him in this pan here said we're gonna let him rest well 10 or 15 minutes and then we're gonna slice them alrighty so like I said we're gonna put these in the cooler so I'm put this towel in here like this put these down in cover it with another towel this keeps them nice and warm while they're resting there we go we'll take this inside and we'll get these done cut in about 15 minutes okay so this has actually been resting for about 25 minutes now we're going to get this on the cutting board those juices for later just good so we're gonna cut this you want to cut it against the grain you can see the greens are running this way so we're gonna cut it right like this here so let's see how this turns out oh yeah that's nice and medium cut a couple pieces here we've got nice and juicy that is that's gonna be pretty tasty so let me taste the piece here I got a I got a special guest taster here so she's gonna step in this is my daughter and be a grandpa so take a little taste ever see what you think oh yeah that's pretty good no way you don't just believe me she wouldn't lie about good nice medium good outside flavor mm-hmm look at that look how nice and juicy that is right there must be that good already well thanks for stopping by remember to like this video click that subscribe button in the little bell you'll get notifications and leave me a comment if you want me to cook something special let me know drop me a line thanks for stopping delicious

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