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Grilled Steak Lettuce Wraps


[UltraVid id=357 ]hey everybody I’m chef tom with ATB be calm and today I’ll be cooking up some grilled steak lettuce wraps now this is a really simple recipe that’s big on flavor it’s fairly light and refreshing but still quite filling and we’re gonna be using sort of a bargain cut of beef today this is a Flatiron steak so it’s fairly affordable but it’s really tender and really flavorful when treated right alright so here we have our Flatiron steak we got a couple of pounds here which is gonna be more than enough most of the trimmings already been done on this but if you found any excess stuff especially silver skin you’d want to take it off but we’re gonna take this and put it into a plastic bag now if you’ve got the time I highly recommend marinating this it’s gonna add a lot of flavor and start to break down that tough cut of meat a little bit so we’re gonna start off with a smoked on wheels pork marinade which may seem a little counterintuitive with a piece of beef but we’re gonna go for some sort of Asian flavors that on these wraps so this works really nicely especially with that apple juice and soy sauce there’s even some tamarind in there some flavors that are gonna work great in the finished recipe I’m gonna throw this into the fridge for about an hour now even two hours would be great if you want to you can do this a day ahead and then pull it out of the marinade and just have it waiting for you when you get home from work that day so we’ve got a head here of the Boston Bibb lettuce this is what we’re gonna use for our lettuce wraps I’m just gonna take the core out here I’ve already taken some of the outside leaves off and then we can just start to peel away the layers here and these are gonna need to be rinsed under some cool water but the Boston lettuce is great for steak wraps it’s got a combination of both really soft bits and really crunchy bits for a nice variation in texture and it holds its fillings pretty well now we’re going to get into some of the other toppings including some shredded carrot also gonna shred up some cucumber we’re gonna get those seeds out of the center first so now when you shred the cucumber you’ll actually just get the flesh it won’t be this soggy mess that’s actually going into your shred and one more thing here we’ve got some dry roasted peanuts we’re gonna crush these up a little bit alright and we’re gonna add just a little bit of seasoning to these as well this is the Oakridge smoky chili lime seasoning got the brightness of that lime in there lots of chili flavor some salt and these peanuts are oily enough that this rub should just stick right to the outside of them perfect now we’ve got seasoning and we’ve got texture to finish off the wraps our steaks been in the marinade for about an hour and a half now you can actually see on the surface how it’s just started to break things down it’s even changing the color just a little bit so I think that was a really good time line we’re gonna get some of this excess liquid off the outside but we do want some of that on there to help the rub stick to it and we will be using that same rub that we put on the peanuts today the smoky chili lime I really love this seasoning but I found that you can go pretty liberal with it especially with something like beef so again we’ve got the tender ization from the marinade we’ve got the flavor from the marinade now we’re gonna impart some flavor with this really great rub so everything we do to this meat we’re improving it so that the end product is just really delicious go take a look at our grill setup now while that rub really attaches to the meat today we’re cooking on the comodo Joe classic – its setup for direct grilling we’re going to be going high heat over the charcoal and we’ve got all of our coals banked to this left side with the grate and the lower positions so that we can get some really good color on that steak and then we’ve got the option of finishing it more indirect if we need to now you can mimic this setup on any grill whatever it is that you’re cooking on whether it’s a really simple Weber Kettle just Bank your coals to the side now you’ve got two zones gas grill you’ve got burners on in one half burners off on the other half get your color first move it to the side to finish same thing with the Yoder smokers if you’re cooking on a pellet grill you might want to get it on the grill grates get some really nice grill marks on there move it off to the side to finish great sizzle right off the bat it’s exactly what you want to hear we’re starting to get some nice char on that flat iron this is a pretty lean piece of meat so you’re not gonna have a lot of flare-ups from the fat and stuff so to make sure you get some good color on there you’re going to want to have a really hot coal bed or if you’re cooking on a pellet grill or a gas grill make sure that’s set plenty high 450 to 500 degrees so I’m looking for an internal temperature of about 125 to 130 on this guy you want to make sure that we’ve get all the color you want on the outside go for the flip and then the finishing internal temperature here on the Kamata style cooker I’ll do a combination of cooking with the lid open and closed see I want the airflow to move through the cooker to keep the coals nice and hot but you also don’t want to get that internal temperature too high before the outside gets some char on it if I was cooking on the yoader another pellet grill I’d probably leave the lid open until I get the color I like move it off to the side and allow it to finish with the door closed we’ve given our steak about five minutes to rest here you can see some a lot of that juices coming out but we don’t want to lose that so I’m just going to transfer that over to this bowl now as we chop up our steak which is the final step in getting a really tender piece of meat we’re going to toss it through these juices and add a little sauce so I’m gonna work on this guy taking nice thin strips really nice cook on that pulls apart pretty easy but the best mouthfeel for this is if we go ahead and chop this up nice and fine now we’ve got super small fibers which gives you that illusion of really tender meat soak up some of that juice off the cutting board extra flavor extra juiciness so check that out all that juice that was in the bottom of the bowl we soaked that up with all the meat so we get all that extra flavor in there I’m just gonna get a taste on this man so much flavor definitely picking up on the soy sauce from that marinade which is awesome there’s a brightness from the lime just a little bit of chili flavor but no real heat to it we are gonna add some heat to this with a sauce today we’ve got the Kim’s spicy peanut sauce so this is sweet and spicy fantastic sauce we’ll just drizzle right over the top and work it in here and I also want to pump up that lime flavor a little bit with some fresh lime juice but sauce is amazing alright let’s build these raps so we’ll start by loading it up with our stake hit that with a little bit of carrot get the freshness of the cucumber on there we get some cilantro beautiful and we’ll top it off with the crunch of the peanuts there we go man so fresh and flavorful really intense but it’s nice it’s not heavy I love it the crunch of the peanuts is fantastic the heat builds a little bit on the back end with that spicy peanut sauce I mean this is summertime grilling done right thanks so much for watching be sure to check out ATV BQ comm for all the products featured in today’s video if you enjoyed the recipe please hit that subscribe button and if you have any questions or comments so there’s anything you’d like to see me cook let me know in the comments section down below and let’s be good to one another for more recipes tips and techniques head over to the sauce ATB BQ comm all things BBQ where barbecue legends are made

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