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I'm actually making a huge salad today, while a big salad of spinach and cabbage salad and then I'll be adding cooking some staple of protein on the side I'm trying to actually do the keto diet I don't have any protein bread in here but one of the little pieces I think I could grab that but there's also lots of veggies in your I mean lots of there's some carbs in your veggies so anyway let's get started I am cooking my steak already I just added it to the pan I have the steak and the onion and I'm gonna guess I'm letting this cook I think I probably need to turn that up a little more and I'm also adding some peppers and a little cilantro that I had that I don't want to go bad in the in the pan and a lot of times you have to just add a little flavor a lot of times you have to add the pepper I have to add the pepper glass because they'll start to burn and create a really bad fire and the order that I put it depends it's actually some avocado oil I normally would use grapeseed oil but this was a way that I can also have some of the quick oils that I like to cook with but it doesn't take steak really that long to get done I have to cook cook this little piece a little bit longer so anyway I let this get done and then I'm gonna toss these peppers over here on there so they can it doesn't it doesn't it's okay if they cook just a little bit but if you let them cook too long in here they will cause too much smoke to start billowing out of the pan So I'm letting that cook okay so while that meat cooks I'm gonna come over here and start making my salad I already have I'm having adding for base I'm using cabbage as well as some fresh-cut spinach so I'll add that to my bowl trying to get all the veggies a good amount of veggies it's always good to have a nice big salad at least once a day and having these are some some mushrooms and a heaven bought before but put a few of those on there okay and I also found this putting a little pea tendrils I guess is like sprouted peas so I'm adding that yeah I probably should have put it in a bigger smaller contain a bigger a larger container but it'll be fine yeah! so yeah I've had put up all of my ingredients here I have fresh tomatoes from the garden onion I have some berries; strawberries, cherries, and a few grapes here that I found blueberries that came from Whole Foods and a little container kind of oblong it's different but I've had started eating those because they're dark and rich in antioxidants then I have some garlic here little hot peppers as you know I would love some spicy and this is just cut up squash and I have these avocados organic avocados with garlic I love I'm a huge fan of garlic so I'm going to add all this to my salad so I've added the stuff in here and I'm going to add a little sprinkle of tumeric yeah I'm gonna add that and then I also have some sunflower seeds for the raw sunflower seeds I'm gonna add I love that garlic and olives oh my god they're so good and I have some also some chipotle roasted salad dress such a pole a roasted salsa that I have that I'm going to add to that as well because cook tomatoes are really good for you and I'm going to be using two salad dressings I have the ranch that it's really tasty and I also have this came out of a pre-mixed package of salad so it's got its like a little vinaigrette it's got poppy seeds in there too so I'm going to add that on there yeah I know it's a little too much salad dressing and then put a couple of scoops of the tomato on there let's get over here and this is gonna be basically my one meal for the day today I'm just trying to do one meal make this a big salad with the protein and everything in there and then I won't have to worry about getting hungry again then I'm just gonna drink water the rest of the day as you can see I actually have my cucumber water here I filled this up several times I'm actually tracking how much water I have I've had three glasses already I'm about to have another three so I'm gonna check on the meat okay so the meat looks done and I'm gonna add that to my salad hmm yeah that's pretty good so I'm gonna add that to my salad and what is left over I haven't had any eggs in a while guys so even though I have the steak protein I'm still gonna add my my eggs so yeah I'm gonna add that to my salad and then I'm gonna cook my eggs in the same pan and it's charred a little bit so that is beautiful also when I was cooking this I besides a little dab of avocado oil I also added a little dollop of butter just so that because water make things look really would have a different consistency really makes them delicious so I'm gonna take this other piece out and just leave it to the side and then that and a little oil for my eggs and then I'm gonna top it off with that egg once I gets done so yeah you know that skillet is nice and oops! camera died! (see next video to continue)

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