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Grilled Vegetable Breakfast Napoleon



Let's get in the kitchen this week on Gameday Grub presented by TECO Peoples Gas Anji Boselli and Chef Tony have a special New Year's Eve wake up

Welcome to Gameday Grub presented by TECO Peoples Gas We're in this beautiful Dream Finders home’s model in Longfield Preserve Which is a natural gas community And I brought double trouble Both Tonys

My husband, and of course chef Tony from Publix We could be a radio show like this this double thing with a Tony and Tony I couldn't handle You can cook I'm okay with this, hey Tony B

and Tony C See I'm good to go right there I don't need top billing either, and I just need to be a part, that’s all I’m saying She's the one that's gonna keep it straight, right? So you know we talked about what you guys like to eat at home, and she says? Vegetables and eggs in the morning is a great way to start your day Tell me why? Well she loves grilling vegetables with some onions and tomatoes and everything and putting some Eggs… either scrambled, or over, I like over easy

With some cheese on top Oh, and so it's very, very … this is a like a picture of art Right versus like a picture of like mush Like this all stacked together

Well It's it's very good Let's get our final stroke on this on this masterpiece then All right Let me have some eggs and some custard

Cooks let's turn around Slide them into this oil for me nice and easy go nice and easy There you go you see how they're starting to cook right there What we want to do is to make sure that they cook fairly evenly we're gonna go ahead and put the lid on here So it'll create some steam although the egg whites will cook as well We’ll actually keep them sunny-side up is our goal here, so we're gonna go over about three minutes, and then when they're all done we'll turn and we'll put them on these wonderful grilled vegetables over here Yeah, all right all right, so as you can see after about three minutes with the lid on the pan … We bring it over and then our stack of vegetables we have grilled eggplant, grilled red peppers, grilled tomatoes, grilled onions … Some mozzarella cheese on the side on our whole wheat English muffin right cuz we want to keep our fiber going and right underneath our egg

We have a nice little dollop of pesto Right So you get through you know I mean, it's a fancy pasta We're just gonna take this whole stack and put the one mozzarella piece of bread on the bottom, one on top, and kind of squeeze toghether You’re the only person that might be able to get that whole thing in your mouth

Look our sunny-side up eggs over grilled vegetables Beautiful For the grilled veggie breakfast recipe and a look at all the Gameday Grub segments visit: peoplesgascom/cooking

Source: Youtube

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