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Grilled Wild Sockeye Salmon Fish Tacos



Whats up guys It's Ryan from the Grill Top Experience and I'm making some salmon

I got some fresh caught wild salmon It's going to make some amazing tacos, coming up So to do this, I have my grill set up indirect with the hot coals on one side and the salmon on the other and I've got it smoking with a little bit of cherry and apricot wood Mostly because that is what I had around, but this will turn out great OK, so I did a little bit of work before you guys came along and I took these out of the package and put a little bit of salt and sugar

The exact amounts are going to be down in the description below That will get a bit of a dry brine going to pull the salt into the meat so it will hold on the the water a bit better Since this is wild caught, I'm not going to get into the health specifics of whether or not wild or farmed is better Everyone agrees that farmed has more fat than wild and we have to be really careful not to over cook this Now that it is ready to go on the grill, I put just a little bit of pepper and chili powder on it to get it ready for these fish tacos

It should be season to perfection Let's go ahead and get it on the grill I took the juice of a lemon and an orange and added a little bit of the zest and we are going to coat both filets of the fish with this and that really lightens up the flavor Now the grill is set up indirect with the Slow N' Sear on one side We are shooting for a temperature of about 350 degrees for about 20 minutes with just a little bit of smoke

Not too much because we don't want to over power the delicate fish OK so the barbeque purists out there are going to say Ryan this is not grilling That's right, it's more like baking because we are doing it indirect, but you don't get smoke when you do it in the oven at home This is going to come out a lot better and add a bit more flavor for it too Now we are at about 130

We are shooting for 140 or fork tender We are getting pretty close Just another minute or two and we will be there The last step is to add some of the lemon and orange juice, but you can also add it directly to the tacos when you are done Now that it has come off the grill, you've got to put it all together

What I'm going to do is cut off a little piece of this salmon here on the end Leaving the skin on the board I've got a couple corn tortillas and you just take that minus the skin and smack it right here in the middle of your taco and break it up a little bit That is going to look pretty good Now I also made up some cole slaw

It's basically some red cabbage and carrots plus some vinegar and left in the fridge for about an hour That is always good on top as well Then to top it all off, I'm going to add some mango salsa, which is absolutely fantastic It's essentially the same recipe as the salsa I made last week, except I added some mango and cilantro to it Now look at that

That looks absolutely fantastic It's ready to eat Alright, it doesn't matter if you are trying to cut the calories or the doctor told you to eat light or it's just too hot to eat anything with a ton of meat in it This salmon fish taco is going to hit the spot every single time If you want to see more videos like this hit subscribe

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