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Guess who’s coming for dessert? Ann Reardon How To Cook That


[UltraVid id=387 ]welcome to how to cook that I’m Ann Reardon and last time we were in the mini kitchen you challenged me to make mini donuts and this time I’ve had eight sip requests for teeny-weeny apple pie so to make that we’re gonna need a mini tin of pie some cinnamon one mini egg butter flour baking powder and sugar add the butter to the flour and then you want to cut that into the flour using a knife to make the pieces of butter do you that’s bad I don’t even have a broom in my mini kitchen yet just wait and I will make a vacuum there we go vacuum it up it’s not a great vacuum I can still see flour on the floor but never mind fresh butter more flour let’s try that again and as I was saying you need to cut the butter into the flour to make the pieces of butter smaller this is so much harder to do when it’s on a mini scale then you rub the butter into the flour using your thumb and your finger and keep doing that until it looks like fine bread crumbs [Music] add the baking powder and the sugar and stir those together [Music] then you want to add in your egg and stir it and then knead it together so that it comes together to form a dough clean some space on your counter and spread out some plastic wrap and then we’re going to roll the dough out on that having the plastic wrap underneath just makes it easier to lift the pastry up and put it into the pie dish without it tearing otherwise this would be virtually impossible to do with the pastry being this thin remove the plastic wrap and then using a sharp knife trim all the way around the edge of your pie dish now you want to keep that extra pastry that we’re cutting off here and we’ll use that to make the lid now add your tinned apple into the dish I like to use the whole tin and pile it up so that the pie is really full and this pie Apple has no added sugar it’s just Apple so if you like your pie a bit sweeter then you can add some sugar in here sprinkle on some cinnamon and then roll out the rest of the pastry and again use the plastic wrap so that you can lift that up and place it over the top of the Apple and then just push it down gently around the sides and then peel off the plastic trim the excess off and then use a fork to seal the lid on to the base so that you’re just pushing the pastry together from the lid to the one that we have on the base there so that the apples don’t overflow out of it this is a very full pie make a couple of cuts in the top of the pie for steam to escape and then sprinkle the top with some sugar light your oven and then add the pie carefully in so that it can bake while that’s baking you can write in the comment section for me what you’d like to see next for the next teeny-weeny challenge last time there were so many many apple pie requests so that’s why I’m doing this one so you get to choose what I baked in the mini kitchen once that’s smelling done you can pull it out of the oven and blow out the candles so we don’t burn down the mini kitchen cut yourself a slice of apple pie and then put that on to your plate then just carefully add a dollop of cream I can’t really dollop cream when it was this mini it’s not heavy enough to do rock off this thing this is so much easier to do in real sides that is in mini I wonder who I should invite over to eat this how about a couple of cute chicks [Music] hello chickens there’s a fresh apple pie on the table for you look up [Music] do you think you can find the pie on the table it was wandering around picking in the floor I guess that’s what chicks usually do [Music] I think it spotted it oh my goodness it’s on my chair [Music] the bigger ones found it it looks like he’s gonna gas a lot and not share any with the little one [Music] okay chickens just so you know it is not polite to stand on the dinner table when you’re invited over to someone’s house I think we need some more polite guests next time if you have any suggestions who I should invite to the mini kitchen next time I bake put that in the comments below subscribe to how to cook that hear click here for more minis here for the latest video and here for 3d cakes make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday [Music]

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