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Gulab Jamun recipe with Khoya | Gulab Jamun recipe in Tamil | Diwali Sweet recipe



Enjoy Diwali with this famous dessert Khova, we can make this with milk powder in the house Let us do the Gulab Jamun without baking soda/powder Take little paneer In case we prepare the khoya at home paneer is not needed Maida and corn flour Mix these and squeeze nicely to the softness so the solids get loosened This is to get the softness Maida flour – about 4 tsp Corn flour – 1 big tsp Squeeze it again and if the dough is dry you can add little milk Cooking with Ghee gives the richness and taste You can also make this in different shapes to attract Add little ghee and 3-4 dough balls only We can also stuff dry fruits inside each ball and cook Use the spoon to get the uniform sized jamuns Make it a clean round shape without cracks Sugar – about 400 gms Add water till the sugar dips fully Add milk if you see the dirt after boiling it Cardamom little Edible camphor

We can add kumkuma poo also Little lemon will help the sugar juice not getting very thick When cooking if the jamun is broken add little maida and mix again If it is very hard add little milk and squeeze the dough again Take the little bigger vessel when you do it with ghee Put this off when the syrup sticks to the fingers Ghee is not consumed much If we make it with commercially available powder we get chest burn feel but in this we can take little more without acidity problem

Soft and crispy Gublab Jamun with Khoya

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