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Gulab Ladoo Recipe – Special Rose Ladoo Recipe – Indian Sweet Recipe Video in Hindi by Lata Jain



Namaste, Welcome to Lata's Kitchen Today I'm sharing a quick and tasty sweet recipe Lets start making gulab ladoo 200 gm grated khoya (khoa / mawa) Roast in a non stick pan Roast it on low flame Oil has started separating, khoya is done turn off the gas soak 15 threads of saffron in 1 tsp of warm milk for some time Add some green cardamom powder mix well It is looking very nice yellow color It is smelling very good take out into a plate keep aside and let it cool 200 gm sweet petha Grate petha Khoya has cooled Add khoya to petha We dont need to add extra sugar as petha is already sweet Take some mixture, make a cavity in center 2 tbsp rose gulkand take some gulkand and put it in the center of dough fold it from the sides Put some dough on the top to cover it and round to make a ball Similarly make all the balls and garnish with pistachio Refrigerate for some time to let them set Gulab Ladoo are ready

They are very tasty You can make it for kids, for any special or festive occasion You can refrigerate them for 7-10 days' Thanks for watching Gulab Ladoo

Source: Youtube

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