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Gulkand Kaju Katli Recipe In Telugu | Indian Festival Recipes | గుల్ఖండ్ కాజు కత్లి



Today, We will prepare a special sweet recipe That is 'Gulkand Kaaju Katli'

Let's switch on the stove Next, add 1/2 cup sugar in the pan And also add 1/2 cup water Let's make sugar syrup Let's check if it is done or not, check like this

See, Sugar syrup is done Now, add 1 cup cashew powder and mix it well Cashew powder is nicely mixed, now let's switch off the stove We have to spread and keep it this way in the pan, let it dry Once it is dry it can be turned into a ball

Cashew dough has cooled down Let's divide it into three parts Let's take one baking sheet and roll it like chapathi If you want you can roll it on butter paper Apply the Gulkand on cashew chapati and spread it

Spread it with your fingers like this So it will get spread properly Next, take another ball and roll it Now, fold the edges a little Again roll it

Now, again add gulkand and spread it nicely Now, let's keep it aside for a while And roll the another cashew dough also Next, put the flat cashew gulkand chapathi and stick it properly And roll it a bit

Now, flip it over and keep it aside to set for 10 minutes 10 minutes are up Next, add chopped cashew on it And once again roll it so that it will stick properly Now, cut it in to pieces with knife

Let's cut it in the shape of triangle Place the pieces on plate See, how easy it is to make this GulkhanKaju Katli Do try the recipe and enjoy the taste

Source: Youtube

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