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Scented oil High-quality mutton meat A few spices, the right tools and all for a great mutton gyros! And such a gyros, of course, requires a great company so here I am in a hurry from Karditsa, Greece Today we'll be doing the preparation Tomorrow we'll be grilling it Pay attention to the whole process from start to finish to see how to fillet the meat, how to prepare the marinade, which will be in two phases, and of course, how we'll grill it, as amateurs, here in our house, the same way you'll be able to grill a similar gyros in yours

And we guarantee you that this will be a first-class excuse to grill with your friends Happy grilling to everyone! Happy grilling from me, too! Hello dear friends! Hello from me, too! We're Mallioras brothers, Andreas and George Together we construct grills and ovens Our passion for grilling and cooking is great and we share it with you On our YouTube channel, Grill philosophy, and also our Facebook page "Greek bbq club"

And also come join us on our Facebook group "Grill philosophy" where we already are quite a few members all fanatic grillers and we share our grilling secrets See you there! Happy grilling to everyone! Happy grilling from me, too! One week ago, we prepared our scented oil One week ago, you'll start the process for the mutton gyros, when you'll be making your scented oil In 05lt sunflower oil, you'll add 1/2 teaspoon cubeb pepper, smashed

1/2 teaspoon cubeb pepper seeds 25 teaspoons rosemary and 1 teaspoon sweet bukovo (sweet chili flakes) and, lastly, one clove of garlic, smashed We close the jar shut and we're leaving it for a week until the oil is scented by the spices and garlic Cutting the meat We'll start with the meat cutting Here, I have an eclectic piece of meat of the leg

Deboned It's of a free-ranged animal and it's from my friend, Panagiotis As always So, we'll start by removing any fat layer is on the meat with a bit of lean meat attached because we'll be using it during the skewering of gyros And then, we're cutting in thin layers

I'll also be cutting it in half because we won't be using large pieces So And, we're filleting it in 1cm-thick layers, approximately

If you cannot fillet the meat yourself, you can ask your butcher to do it for you You need a good and sharp filleting knife and then it's almost a piece of cake Continue this way until you're done with all the meat pieces The thinner the meat layer the better it'll be marinated and softer and tender it'll become And of course, in between the meat layers we'll skewer caul fat

You'll see in a bit, during the gyros skewering, how to do it The caul fat won't be marinated It will be left out We're now going to start the marinating process and now you'll see phase one The first phase of the marinade

For 25kg of lean meat, we'll need 500g grated onion You'll grate it using a grater and you'll be keeping the juices as well We're placing one layer of meat and onion Underneath as well

It's better to first spread some onion on the bottom so the meat can be placed better We're placing a meat layer and onion With its juice, as we've said Onion is a strong element for the tenderness of the meat and it also gives a sweet taste We can finish with chopped onion on top of the meat

We'll be leaving all this in room temperature for 3 hours and then we'll be refrigerating it for 18 to 24 hours Tomorrow, the rest The second phase of the marinade The following day, we'll be making the second phase of the marinade for our mutton guros And we'll start

Now I also have an assistant! We'll start first to clean the meat of the onion He who doesn't help doesn't eat, you know Helping is mandatory – Andreas: We all need to participate Guys, we all need to participate because the company meaning is this, it's not that nice to only join the griller's company for eating but participating as well Write that down

So we're spreading it down and we'll be basting it with a little dijon mustard spicy, that is You'll approximately need, for 25kg of meat, 2

5 heaped tablespoons mustard on the other side, as well Until one layer is done You see how precious helping is, huh? It's quicker Inside a small mortar, for 2

5kg of meat, I put 30g salt, nice, quality salt, 15g black peppercorns we're not adding a lot of pepper because we also have spicy mustard, and 25 level teaspoons oregano Freshly-ground oregano And we're seasoning gradually we're paying attention to spread it evenly and to be enough for all the quantity meat

The bottommost need to be turned The next layers won't need to be turned because the top layer will be salted from the previous one And, we pour over some of our scented oil, which we had already made the previous week, after strained it first And we continue by laying a piece of meat and adding mustard As we've said, we don't need now to add mustard on their bottom side as well because it will take some from the lower layer

We're seasoning Salt and spices And, our scented oil And we continue this way until we're done with the marinade And, we also add the remaining oil

We'll add as much as it needs to be covered And it's best here to also mix them a bit So the spices can spread more evenly, especially the salt As to avoid having more salt in one place and less in another We're mixing well And we'll refrigerate it for 1-2 hours

And then, we'll skewer it Wait to see the skewering process The skewering After 2 hours approximately from the marinading phase, we're ready to start skewering the gyros Until the skewering is done, Andreas, how about lighting the charcoals? Because lighting also takes time We'll start with a small piece which will be lean meat, to be placed on the base After three consecutive pieces, we'll add fat of sheep's caul fat ("bolia") and of a sheep, not a lamb, so it can have more fat This will help soften the meat more but mostly it'll add taste It'll make it sweeter

And we continue on Meat 2-3 layers and then caul fat Whatever is hanging out of the main shape I'll show what to do with it – Did you also light a side pile to grill something extra? – Of course – Of course

That's it So, after skewering one more piece of caul fat here we'll take a knife and cut whatever is overhanging We won't be throwing it away! We'll just place it higher We'll try to give a cylinder-like shape to gyros to be even so we can have an even grilling

Now, we can take these pieces and skewer them here we're skewering them, the ones that are larger, that is the smaller ones we'll just place them on top and the next piece we'll skewer will press them You can see it' shape, cylinder-like as much as we could do it And for the closure, I left a piece that has lean meat and fat on the other side And I'll place it last, on top – Now you do need some help

– Now I definitely need help – Because it needs to be well-pressed We place the last gyros plate on top

– Leave the pressing to me, get the linchpin And we're securing it with a metallic stopper The skewer is special for the gyros it has 3-4 holes for different lengths that is we could as well make a gyros of this size smaller by pressing the disk lower It should always be well-pressed It's better to leave some pieces out there are always other ways to grill them, we also have small spits and we'll grill it differently this way we'll also taste a different result

But in any case, in this length, you see here, fits 2kg The left out pieces must be around 05kg or less So, we're ready When the charcoals are ready, we'll grill it

A while ago, our company also arrived Panagiotis, as a professional sheep breeder and traditional eats mutton the usual/classic way Ribs, on the grilling grate, or at best as a kondosouvli (spit-roast) Plain and simple So, he was really intrigued to taste all these new flavors

And we'll have him with us in future episodes because he's very into delicacies – Right, Panos? I'm I correct? And he also brought with him the new generation because they're the ones we want around in grilling

The grilling And the grilling, guys, begins! Very close to the charcoals The charcoals are inside a special container and this way we grill our gyros with a side ember and not above the charcoal pile, that is indirectly we grill directly The container is taller than the gyros so we can constantly add charcoals on the top for as long as the gyros is being grilled And let's place our mini gyros, too The leftovers, that is, that could make it to the large spit Here we place charcoals on both sides This piece is small this will probably be the first to try and this way we'll have the first impression to see how the end result will be Of course there, in the large gyros the result will differ greatly because the grilling is different The charcoals are much higher than the surface of the gyros so the smoke of the charcoals goes straight above and doesn't interfere with the grilling at all

Potatoes as our appetizer Florina peppers will go next as well Also tomatoes – Apostolos, what do you think? – I believe that the final taste will be equivalent Here, the meat here plays an important role too no matter what marinade we make no matter the spice mixtures, if we don't have quality mutton meat, there's nothing we can do about it

Everything starts there; biological sheep breeding sheep older than 15 years that hasn't give birth, ewe, the best thing – It just cannot turn out other than perfect – If your company is goodthe recipe never fails! Because this is the biggest secret a good companion – Since everything is rotating, there's not much need to do So, the small spit-roast, or the mini gyros, is ready! We'll cut around the edges and place it on the grill again – Guys, I want your comments, ok? – Or all the comments in the end

So, now it's time for the first cutting of gyros "ksakrisma" as it's called We'll cut it only a little around the edges I know that "Pardala", my favorite knife, it's not a knife, a professional knife for gyros but it's my favorite And it cuts finely

We cut it only a little, around the edges to give a more cylinder-like shape in the gyros and place it again on the grill to get next its main cutting, which will be the next one This special base for the cutting and skewering of the gyros helps very much the amateur griller to do his job right We're done with the first cutting The gyros has a more rounded shape And now let's go to make it crunchy

We're adding more charcoals on top We mustn't let the charcoals' pile to be lower than our gyros We should be very close to the charcoals, almost too close A bit closer and it would touch it, So, it's ready

Let's go for the second cutting The base really helps – For the second round (pun with the word gyros=round/round shape) – Let's go for the second round of "round" Let's go for the third round of gyros Also, plenty of onion

It goes really well – Guys, let's go – Here, I really want your conclusions – Undescribable taste, huh? It's something you cannot describe unless you taste how can you describe this thing? – True – We recommend it

– Very nice The kid here shows good manners he's using a fork We use our hands, the rest of us

– Wow, it smells amazing! – Straight to the table, now, guys We're cutting and eating – Can you take more food? – Third round – The smell is amazing At a great percentage, the meat is the key Always the raw materials That's where it begins

We should have excellent raw materials and then, the spices, and the marinades should only complement the meat, enhance it not covering it Also having the tools to grill it – That's basic

Happy grilling to everyone! – Happy grilling!

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